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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Last of the eskimos

Just a quick little update folks, I finished the last 2 of the scandi eskimo characters this last week. They have all been so nice to work on, I'm looking forward to seeing them as cards. I'm on with doing some trad Christmas now. A red postbox and pencil village scene.
This weekend was also the 33rd Annual world sketchcrawl event. I went to the one near me, it was at the newly opened Hepworth Gallery. I forgot to take my camera with me, I was rushing to get there, because I had other things on this Saturday. I only made the last hour. Managed 2 sketches. We now have a facebook page for this group of sketchcrawlers, Sketchcrawl north I think is the name of the group. The gallery was so lovely inside, I'm not a fan of the outside I'm afraid to say, I will try and post some photos of it. Everyone on the sketchcrawl was so nice, we meet up at the end and pass sketchbooks round, it's all good fun. Hope you like my sketches. Speak to you all again soon!


  1. having been here for a while... :) how are you Julie?
    your little characters are so cute. how do you get that skin tone so even and nice?? i am still struggling a bit with that :) practice, practice...
    love that lady sketch too.
    xo sandra

  2. Hi sandra, Nice to hear from you. I am well thanks, you seem to have been busy flying about here and there! Thank you for your comments,(always nice to have a comment) The skin tone I get by blending colours, I put a white down first, then mix a salmon pink and blend it in, then a cream, and or white again, to get it just the tone you want. Chunky pastels blend very easily, with your finger or a cotton bud, or something similar. Hope you have fun blending. X

  3. I love the little people, and the dog looks like my doggy neices! (two Westies) I will be looking forward to the post box, and village art!
    Your delightful art is making me want to try pastels.... Do you start with just a pencil sketch? Or is the sketch done in ink? (I always draw in pencil.. go over it with ink, erase pencil lines and then use colored pencil, or watercolor pencils)
    Happy creating! :)))))

  4. Hi Melody,
    Thank you for your comments. Have a go with the pastel, I use a mixture of pastel pencils and the big soft chunky pastels. The secret is to work big. I do a little pencil sketch, then photocopy this up about 140% and trace it down, I tend to reverse the image in a 2B pencil and rub it down, to avoid any hard lines on the surface, then swoosh in the pastel, working and blending with fingers, cotton buds etc. Makes a nice effect. X Jules

  5. thank you for the tips... I will have to attempt a little picture ~ I just love your results, so soft and pretty, yet you still have great details..what could it hurt to pick up a little package of pastels... just to give it a try... :))))
    I wish all you talented ladies lived just down the street... we could have little craft meetings once in a while, so we could all try new things with our encouraging support group!

  6. Yeah, that would be good, you can quickly pick up tips from other art folk. I suppose blogging does that in a way, and some people are so generous with their posts. It's good! The only problem with trying out new techniques/crafts, is the cost. Lots of art materials are expensive, the big chunky pastels are about £2 each. Got to keep experimenting though, I think it's in our nature, being creative! X


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