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Friday, 25 March 2011

Garden delights anew

Since my last Garden Delights post, I have managed to get a photo of one of those elusive butterflies. I do hope you can see it, I tried to get a close up, but they sense any movement and quickly flutter away. I'm not sure what it is either? It may be one of the 'brown' ones? I don't think it's a comma, it doesn't have the frilly edge to it's wings.
I'm also showing some of my lovely auriculas that I grew from seed last year. I know this is not so difficult to do, but I was so delighted yesterday, when I took a look at them, to find that there are tiny little flower spikes coming up. They are all different colours too, so when they open fully, I will take another photo and post that, I am sure they will be beautiful. I think I should build an auricula 'Theatre' to show these beauties off.

Along with my flower photo I am showing you my lovely puppy. He isn't a little puppy anymore (he is 11 years young now) but he will always be my puppy! I was inspired to do the dog post by another blog I like to look at,' The Drawing Board' blog, she put some pics of her dog Tilly, and also referenced a very funny blog about dogs at 'Hyperbole and a half' and their adventures moving house, I had a good laugh at this, the drawings are so funny and capture the feeling well. BUT make sure you go to the piece about 'Dogs don't understand the basic concepts of moving' as some of the blogs on there are a bit strange?Take a look if you get chance. I hope I have put the names down correctly.
 Well that's enough blogging for today, hope it makes you happy, and have a nice weekend, I'm hoping to get to York for lunch tomorrow, Yummy!!!! X

Fawns in the forest

Hello again, going mad posting today, as along with this one, I have some garden updates too. On this piece I am showing some of my recent work with my agent. This was done in pastel, I really enjoy using this medium, it gives such lovely soft effects. Hope you like them too?

Bit more about me

Hello again, thank-you for stopping by. Today I am posting a piece that featured in Progressive Greetings late last year. I hope you can see it ok, it shows a little more about me and what I do. I work freelance. but I also have an agent and I will post some of the work I have been doing with him just lately in my next blog.
 Bye for now on this one.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Garden delights

It is official, Spring has Sprung!. I just thought I would write a quick piece about the lovely lovely sunshine we have been having. I have been waiting for ages for my little tete a tete daffs to appear opposite my kitchen window, I look out on these while washing up, and it gladens the heart. It is my favourite time of year for sure. We are now into longer days than nights, so yip de doo! Hope my photies bring you joy, another bit to add to the garden theme on the project possibly. I have seen another butterfly today as well, it landed on the washing, it was a comma, I think. I saw my first butterfly on my birthday last Monday, lovely. I will have to be quick and get a photo next time I see one. Bye for now X Julie

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Everything coming up roses!

Hello everyone and anyone out there. This is my first post, which I meant to do yesterday as it was my BIRFINGDAY! But as I got carried away opening cards (looking on the back first) and lovely pressies, I ran out of the day. But, because I would like to join in with Julia Crosslands fab 'Being Creative' project, it has given me the proverbial kick up the .... to get something on my own blog. I'm not at all sure that this will work, so I will keep it short and sweet. Hope you like the artwork I have posted, which is a Greeting card I illustrated  for Phoenix Trading last year. It ties in with the Garden theme of the project, just in case I don't get chance to do anything else towards it. I am very busy at the moment, beavering away at my Illustration work.
Hope you all have a good day and I'll be back soon.