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Friday, 25 March 2011

Garden delights anew

Since my last Garden Delights post, I have managed to get a photo of one of those elusive butterflies. I do hope you can see it, I tried to get a close up, but they sense any movement and quickly flutter away. I'm not sure what it is either? It may be one of the 'brown' ones? I don't think it's a comma, it doesn't have the frilly edge to it's wings.
I'm also showing some of my lovely auriculas that I grew from seed last year. I know this is not so difficult to do, but I was so delighted yesterday, when I took a look at them, to find that there are tiny little flower spikes coming up. They are all different colours too, so when they open fully, I will take another photo and post that, I am sure they will be beautiful. I think I should build an auricula 'Theatre' to show these beauties off.

Along with my flower photo I am showing you my lovely puppy. He isn't a little puppy anymore (he is 11 years young now) but he will always be my puppy! I was inspired to do the dog post by another blog I like to look at,' The Drawing Board' blog, she put some pics of her dog Tilly, and also referenced a very funny blog about dogs at 'Hyperbole and a half' and their adventures moving house, I had a good laugh at this, the drawings are so funny and capture the feeling well. BUT make sure you go to the piece about 'Dogs don't understand the basic concepts of moving' as some of the blogs on there are a bit strange?Take a look if you get chance. I hope I have put the names down correctly.
 Well that's enough blogging for today, hope it makes you happy, and have a nice weekend, I'm hoping to get to York for lunch tomorrow, Yummy!!!! X

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