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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mothers day (a bit late) and Auriculas

Hello again,

I am a little late showing my Mothers Day card, but I was absolutely delighted with this, as I think it's the first year this was totally unprompted. I know the cards children do when they are young, at school etc are so fantastic and are to be treasured forever, but I love this card my son bought for me. He seems to like paperchase and the cards they have, and I'm really pleased with his choice, so being very chuffed I thought I would put it on my blog, to show everyone. Hope you like it.

I am also putting some photos of the tiny little auriculas that have now flowered. I put them on a dark background to show them off. They are the first flowers on plants grown from seed, as I mentioned before. I'm hoping when I pot them on, they may produce stronger flowers next year, but I think they are quite sweet just as they are anyway. I have lots of seedlings too, Hollyhocks, cosmos and scabious, which I'm hoping will bring further delightful blooms later in the year. Talking of delightful blooms, I couldn't resist a photo of these beautiful narcissus, (think that's what they are) they are so sunny and bright, just like the weather at the moment.


  1. Hello, I saw you on Being Creative and dropped by to see if i could see some more pretty art! :)
    It's nice to "meet" like minded people out in the big wide world! You have a lovely "puppy" too by the way ~ and your sprouts seem to be doing very nicely! Happy day to you! :))))

  2. Wow, that's so exciting to have another follower. It feels a bit like I'm talking to myself,on the blog, but it may gradually grow, and I'm enjoying it. So thank-you very much, I will try and find you now!


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