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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunshiny Day

Well, what a fantastic weekend of weather. It has been so beautiful, and today I actually managed to lie in the sun and watch the clouds drift by. It just couldn't be missed, so I sneaked half an hour, the birds were twittering all around, and those lovely cirrus clouds drifted above. Butterflies fluttered past, and my thoughts turned to lovely sweet treats as you can see in my Illustrations. I do love an ice-cream, after a lovely walk somewhere in the wonderful Yorkshire countryside, what could be better. Hope you like the artwork, I thought I should put more of it on my blog, as I do have Illustration in my title. It also ties in with the theme of this months 'Being Creative' title on Julia Crosslands blog.(Desserts) So I shall post these there too.
Painting of a different kind next week I think, the Decorating beckons. Hopefully it won't take too long! Famous last words.
Bye for now, hope you had a sunshiny day.


  1. I love the "iceyness" of your popcicle; but I think I'll take a Mr. Whippy for one hand and a raspberry ripple for the other! I think they would make lovely companions for a walk in the Yorkshire country side! :))))

  2. What a good idea, not greedy at all and a nice combination on a long sit-down in the countryside! Thank-you for your comment :)


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