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Sunday, 24 April 2011

I know a quiet place

I know a quiet place, that I love to go to and walk the dog. If you go at the right time, you can have the place to yourself.You can walk for an hour and not see anyone, which is really how I like it.There is something about the woods that I find very soothing, I feel at home there, no matter what the weather. Right now things are springing up like crazy, the yellow oil seed rape has flowered so brilliantly in just one week. I have sat very still in this place and seen deer cross the path, and watched a hare creep out from the long grass, even with the dog nearby. We have planted a tree in this place, for my nephew, who was killed 2 years ago now, knocked down and run over by a young driver, who lost control on a bend. I go back to check it's doing ok, and there it is, bright green leaves, that stand out amongst the background, it looks wonderful, I hope it grows up big and strong, with lots of conkers on!
So I will let you have a sneaky peak at my lovely quiet place, I hope you enjoy the views, and my little tree.
Happy Easter Everyone, Sun is still shining, hooray!


  1. What a lovely little tree you planted... it's always nice to see new leaves in the spring. The yellow stuff is amazing! What do they do with it?

  2. Hi Melody, thanks for your comments. The yellow stuff is Oil seed rape, when the flowers have gone, they become seed pods and they make them into oil, which can be used for cooking and I think for some vehicles etc. It is everywhere in yorkshire at the moment, it is quite spectacular to see these huge fields full of it! Hope you have got a bank hol coming up like us over here? Royal wedding as well :)

  3. I have a few days vacation planned for mid May, and we a "holiday" (Memorial Day)at the end... but I don't see my boss letting me stay home on Friday to enjoy the wedding... I guess I'll have to watch "reruns"! ha ha !
    Yorkshire must be just about glowing now if that's the case!! I'm going to check the grocery store to see if i see the oil... interesting!
    Yorkshire is where our favorite vet/author was from too wasn't he?
    Hope you are having a happy day! :))))


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