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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Walk on the wild side

Hello there, Ive been taking a few days off from working, got the decorating done, Hooray. Also been on some lovely sunny walks, the weather is just amazing right now, it's just my kind of weather, as it's not incredibly hot, but it is lovely. We managed a walk in the Dales on Monday, and I was delighted to hear Skylarks  soaring and singing and lapwings making those lovely warbly sounds that seem so typical of the moorlands. I did record a Skylark, but I can't fathom how to put it on the blog, so There are just a couple of photies instead. If anyone reads this and knows what to do to put a movie on, then do let me know? Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine too.

This is above Starbotton on the way back to Kettlewell.


  1. Not much sunshine here... but i sure do enjoy seeing your walk ~ I may have to take an imaginary walk right there tomorrow when i'm stuck at my desk at work. :) I believe the little icon next to the one you use to insert a photo in your post is to insert a video/movie... it looks like the little board the direct snaps shut when he yells "action"... :)))) Good luck!

  2. Thanks Melody, sorry you are stuck at work! We have had a long hard slog through the winter and Just enjoying a first break, the weather is still amazing here, we have been walking in the Peak District today, 8miles! It was really hot, I may do another post and put the photos on to keep you going:)imaginary walking. I tried clicking that icon to upload my movie, but it just took ages, like 10mins and more and it still hadn't done it??? It may have been too big a file? But at least I think I did it right now you've confirmed that. Many thanks X Jules.


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