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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Earth was hard as iron....

Frozen pond

Beautiful skeletal trees in the frosty mist

Teazel bowed with the frost.

This a before shot with bountiful berries...

and now stripped bare in the depths of winter!

Pooch with dandruff? :)
I've not posted anything for a while, I've noticed a few people missing from the blogs, maybe it's just that time of year? It has been freezing here and now snow to boot, it makes me want to hibernate really. Sometimes when I'm working away in my little room I feel like that, I walk the dog on a morning and sometimes see other dog walkers, but then I don't see anyone for the rest of the day, while I work away in my room. I think I actually really like this solitude, it's much easier to concentrate when all is quiet in the house. I took some photos of one of my walks this week..see above, I still can't get the hang of positioning text and photos, I am thick!
I've been very busy with work, which is good, I'm doing some more books. They are different to the last book, 30 little designs in total, so I'm steadily working through them. I've had quite a few books offered, but had to turn them down as they were too short notice for me, I cannot fathom why this should be? However, I am also doing some front covers for a company to take to the Bologna book fair, somewhere I would like to go!! I have 5 projects on the go right now, my room is in chaos as usual!

My Mother's day cards will be in the shops now, as I saw some today in town. So this is my offering to show you, hope you like? See you again soon.


  1. Hello Julie. There are some lovely pictures of the frosty landscape here. I know what you mean about needing solitude to hear your creative side. It is nice to have people around us, but (selfishly) I always prefer it to be on my terms.

    1. Hi Bella, thanks for visiting, you won the Merrell comp, I have tried to post on your blog, but well done, if you come back to visit!! It was a lovely piece you did!!

  2. I too like solitude, i think it is a big part of the creative process. Julie, It’s so so wonderful to read that you are so very busy! wish i could drop in and help out :)
    thanks for sharing your lovely pics xo sandra

  3. Glad to hear that you are busy and have lots of projects on the go!

    I have taken to wearing my thermal dog walking trousers whilst sitting at my desk.

    Years ago editors allowed many months to finish a book, now they seem to come up with impossible deadlines. I have had to turn down work for the same reason.

  4. You sound wonderfully busy. Oh, it is so cold here this week! I'm happy to see you are dealing with something other than mud! Snow is prettier. Hard to get back on track in the new year, blogging included. Funny, I just updated mine today too!

  5. that is great news about all the book work you have coming in.
    and some going to Bologna too: so exciting. I wish you lots of fortune with it.

    And the solitude sounds idyllic; as I love mine too

  6. Pooch with a sugar coating, not dandruff!! :)))
    Good to hear you have plenty of work, that's wonderful!
    I Love the cards!!
    I guess winter hybernation does make us a bit quiet at times huh? :))

  7. Ah, fab photo's:) your cards are wonderful and wow exciting times with book covers that's fantastic!
    It doesn't surprise me you're so busy, your so versatile and talented, you deserve all the success in the world!x
    Being freelance can be a very solitary business, sometimes that's great being your own boss, and other times it can be a wee bit lonely I'm speaking for myself here, I can end up having long conversations with cassius who is an excellent listener and always chats back.... but I'm not too fluent in Cat so we get lost in translation a little! I always organise a hectic social and family life to compensate and because of this the days of quiet can be very welcoming:) It's a shame we don't live closer and we could go for walking work breaks together!
    Just book to go to Bologna, life's too short! don't work too hard, love your cards x Lisa x


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