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Friday, 29 March 2013

Stamping update and some sunshine jewels

 So here are my little stamped images of foliage all combined together in Photoshop, to create, firstly a Christmas wreath, and then below, the letter M for Merry, I have still to do the letter C for Christmas, but it's on it's way. I quite enjoyed sitting and putting all this together, moving leaves around, trying to get just the right feel and balance. I hope you like them. I took a photo of the screen, so I know it's not too clear, but I hope you can see it sort of?
 Today is 'Good Friday' and it's been good indeed, with the sun shining most of the day. It's still absolutely freezing though, but it has been so lovely to see blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun, in a sheltered spot. I just wanted to show some of the little gems coming through in the garden. I planted these late last year, I just love those little bellis perrenis,( not sure my spelling is right). They look so bright and cheery, like sweets in the garden, along with the tiny pansies, and the tete a tete daffodils.

Buried under the snow, they survived, hooray.

 The colours of these tiny flowers is so rich, It's inspiring me to paint something floral??

I hope you have sunshine wherever you are, and enjoy the Easter weekend. See you soon :)


  1. happy Easter to you too. I love your stamp designs.

  2. Your stamped images are lovely and so detailed. Despite the cold, you have so much more colour in your garden than here. We have a few crocuses but it's a start. ;)

  3. We finally have crocuses blooming here!
    Love to see your flowers, and your stamped goodies are lovely!
    Happy Easter!! :)))))

  4. I enjoyed looking at your stamps and your finished design. You look like an expert so may I ask , What is the pink material you use, as I just used a rubber eraser. It is still so cold, does not feel like spring yet, but nice to see the flowers so bright and cheerful.

  5. Your PS flowers are beautiful: they remind me of William Morris and Medieval tapestries..

    And you are so lucky, despite the cold, to have all those flowers! Pansies love the cold.

  6. Hello folks thanks for visiting, I always appreciate it. Thanks for your kind comments, I love doing the stamping, the 'pink stuff' is Speedycarve, made by Speedball, I get mine from a shop online called 'Rainbow Silks' they are at Great Missenden, Bucks, I bought a piece 6"x12" for £15.99, it will last me a while I think? It is extremely easy to carve, and just a shallow cut with a lino tool creates a good line. You could carve on both sides I think too, if you're careful. Hope that helps? Geninne's art blog is a fab site for inspiration on this too!! Those little gem like button flowers in the garden are just the best 'pick me up' I love them, only a little splash of colour, but soooo welcome, I am lucky!! I've been painting them and hope to show something soon.

  7. Thank you Julie for letting me know it is called speedycarve and details of where you can buy it. I might just give it a try next time I need something to carve. Many thanks.


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