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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Artists Ramblings

Hello Blog friends. The Autumn is approaching now, but there have been one or two lovely last flings of Summer sun just lately. Nature is so amazing, and although I am apprehensive about another bad winter, I must admit to liking the changing of the seasons. Last Thursday whilst walking the dog,( it was such a lovely day, made you feel good to be alive), I saw one of my favourite little birds. It came creeping round a tree close by and low down, so it caught my eye. It was a Nuthatch, and I remembered some Illustrations I did earlier this year around May, when I had some experimenting time. I came home and took a photo of the artwork, I also did a Bullfinch, as I was wonderfully surprised in the spring, when I opened the curtains, a male Bullfinch in the garden, so so splendid and bright!! I worked in a loose watercolour style for these, wet in wet, it's a lovely way to work. I was hoping to add to this collection, as I love the birds, but I've been really busy with commissions, so not had chance to get back to them. I have also been following an Illustrators blog,' Geninnes art blog' which is just so inspiring and full of the most wonderful Birdy Illustrations, I may have to buy something of hers, she has a very popular blog, check it out if you get chance, it's amazing!
I took a couple of photos of the flowers that day too, they may not last much longer. The Hollyhocks I grew from seed have at last flowered, I seemed  be waiting forever for them, I'm hoping they will keep coming back every year! The Fuchsia which I bought for a pound has been totally splendid all year, what a bargain! I loved the fact that lots of insects have been busy in my garden all year too, I try and plant things that will help them.
Today we walked in the woods and it had more of an Autumn feel. There were so many funghi, especially those wonderful (possibly very poisonous) fly algaric, ( I think that's what they're called?) which just look like they are waiting for some magical fairy type character to come out of the undergrowth and sit down on one??? My imagination hey?? Weird. I have never seen so many of these particular funghi though, the weather must have suited them this year.
It's late now, so I'll leave off. Out there in the woods, those fairies and elves will be partying around the magic mushrooms I am sure of it :D See you soon.


  1. oh yes that mushroom does looks like it’s straight out of an enchanted forest..
    xo sandra

  2. Thank-you for your comments Sandra, I am loving your work. I like the latest venture you are on. The wind is my least favourite weather unfortunately, my little idea on your story, was for the wind to have blown her away, and the winter comes and all is bleak, but then the following year, an explosion of Poppies as the seeds from the plant were carried on by the wind and have grown anew??? I am totally sure you will come up with something far more magical, but I do love to see a field full of poppies. X Keep up the very good work.

  3. Oh Julie, thank you; how sweet of you to share your ideas; i do love the idea of an explosion of poppies!! imagine the colors!!I’m glad i found you it’s always wonderful to have place to come to for inspiration.
    chat soon, xo sandra

  4. Hi Julie -- Thanks for visiting my blog today. You live in a lovely part of the world (I visited Yorkshire many, many years ago) and your artwork and garden are very nice. :)


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