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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Woodland friends project

Hello again blog friends, welcome today. I hope you enjoy meeting the new friends I have been working on this past week. I am going to post some of the process of creating this work. It all started by a client liking some of my previous work.(see first photo).
I had a brief set, this is for a greeting card, with a front page design and 2 inside pages. I worked up a sketch initially and after this was approved, went on to start the background artwork. You can see my sketch above the drawing board. (photo 2)
It is all a steady build up when working with pastels, but the nice thing is that they do allow you to change colours to some extent. As long as you really don't overwork, it will cover over. The last 2 photos show pages 1 and 2 being finished, then everything finalised.

 I am quite pleased with how they have turned out. I would really love to do some children's book Illustration and in some ways this has that feel about it?? Do you think so? I don't know if  I will ever get to do any as it seems so difficult to get any interest going? But I will keep trying. Whilst doing these, my mind was thinking up some ideas. I would like to use these pastel techniques, and the softness they evoke, to create a bedtime story for little ones. It was one of my favourite things to do, reading stories to my son at bedtime.( I have an idea brewing on this).
Well I hope you like them?  I am now going back off to fairyland again, as I've been asked to create some new ideas. This is the part I love, sitting sketching and letting my mind drift and think up new ideas.
See you all again soon. X


  1. Julie your work is beautiful; so please... follow your heart, follow your art... and magic will happen!
    xo sandra

  2. Thank-you Sandra for your lovely comments. I believe in magic!combined with a bit of hard work :) I have been on your blog, I love your work too. The boat with the little figure and the light flickering are just wonderful, that looks like a book illustration to me, where might it drift to and what would you see......? I shall watch out for new work with you. Many thanks!

  3. You ALREADY have magic happening! I LOOOOVE these! I've never tried pastels (though i may have to now...) but the soft look is wonderful! They are just beautiful! That little deer is just so huggable looking!! Great stuff; can't wait to see what turns up next! :))))

  4. Your illustrations look wonderful! Keep trying with your children's book illustration ideas, your style would look beautiful in a children's picture book:) thank you for your lovely comment and your links I'll check them out! have a good week Lisax

  5. Lovely cards. I love the look of soft pastels.

  6. nice work..keep it up.. and yeah.. you can make a picture book and let the kids with the help of their parents to figure out the without words as your colours and drawings are so sweet.. :D


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