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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer sun

This is a quick post of garden updates, in what I am hoping was NOT the last of the Summer Sun? The day after I took these photos it rained all day, then turned decidedly cooler, with a bit of a nip in the air!! I am now reaping the rewards of all the seed sowing and growing I mentioned in my earlier posts. I have beans galore, tomatoes, peppers and carrots, which are all delicious. So I am very pleased with myself and enjoying munching them all. My little baskets have done well, particularly the one that is directly under a leak in the gutter :) Hope you like my little bit of sunshine peeps, and heres to a lovely September. fingers crossed.

I will be posting some new artwork tomorrow hopefully, showing a major project I have just completed. It involves snow again! Little woodland creatures this time. So come back soon to see my progress through this work. I shall just include in this post some work by the wonderful Christian Birmingham, his 'Snow Queen' book. I am working in pastel quite a bit lately, he works in this medium, with just the most beautiful effects. I would so love to see this artwork, I think he did have an exhibition in London. I must try and find his website and see if he may be exhibiting again? In the meantime I hope you like his wonderful work? It is such an inspiration.  See you soon.X

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