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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Snow forecast.

Ta Dah, All done and dusted with snow! Hope you like them!
I will be back soon. I think it is actually snowing where one of my followers lives! Hope things aren't too bad.


  1. I am picturing walking up the road past the snowman right now..... Snow crunching underfoot... woozy scarf around my neck. Ahhhhh, and when I get to the where ever I'm going, I'm going to finish watching the sunset with a nice hot cup of tea. Thanks for the dream... The art came out just great!! I love it!

  2. Ah they look great, my kids would wish the snow was here now in the holidays! x

  3. Thank-you for your comments. So good of you. You make the snow sound fun, it is great for kids. I could also do the watching the sunset and cup of tea bit, but I'm hoping that if it snows, it goes fairly quick too! Cheers!!

  4. Dear Julie, i am loving discovering your beautiful world, post by post ... wonderful work,
    x sandra


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