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Monday, 15 August 2011

It's about to snow at my house!

Hello again Blog friends. I'm just posting a pic of my latest artworks in the making. I've been doing some snowy sunset cottages. I sometimes find these quite difficult, and if I'm honest I wasn't looking forward to doing these....But,  I have enjoyed doing these artworks, it has taken a while and I had to check out the sunset scene carefully, from some photo reference, and I'm really quite pleased with them. They are not quite finished in this photo and before I send them to the client, I will need to make it snow all over the scene! This is quite fun. So PLEASE come back and see the finished article avec Snow.....:D Yeah! ( The couple in the middle are just out for a stroll...It will snow on them too!. they are to be included in either of the artworks at a smaller size).


  1. I think they look lovely and I especially like the jolly snowman in each picture. Makes me feel nostalgic for a 'proper' Christmas - here in Australia for the last 2 Christmases and doesn't actually feel like we've had Christmas at all with the heat - just not the same....moan moan!!! Alex (who is not always such a moaning minnie!)

  2. Oooh gosh Alex we've had 2 really snowy winters here, as you'll probably know, I can't remember any quite as bad! It all looks pretty in the artwork. and I must admit I do like the changes in the seasons, but I am hoping we don't get it so snowy this year? After so many years without any deep snow, these artworks look real now, it came up to my knees and beyond! Thank-you for your comment, X Cheers.

  3. OOOOoooooo, I LOVE these!
    Mmmmmmmm winter. I could just nestled them right onto my mantle and stare at them... Just delightful!!! What are they on? Board of some sort? Did I mention I LOVE them??? :)))))))

  4. Ahw thamk you Melody, that's very nice of you. They are a bit chocalate boxy, but it's not too far from how it's looked this past 2 winters! They are pastel, worked on a special board like a sandpaper finish on it. It's tricky to work on, you can easily spoil it (rub the surface) and I have to work quite big, because the pastels are big, but it's just brilliant for snowy scenes. So pleased you like them, Ta.


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