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Monday, 15 August 2011

Escaping to the hills of Yorkshire

Since the ordeal of my last blog, we have headed out on day trips a few times, when the weather was fine. We went back to the Dales, and did a walk around Malham. There are quite a few lovely villages all around Malham itself, and we did a walk, taking these in. Started out from the village green at Airton. See above.
We walked along the river for the most part to hanlith bridge and then on to Kirkby Malham, all very picturesque. Some of the houses were so gorgeous, sigh.....
The next stage was on to Malham itself, we went through the fields, and had a pretty hairy encounter with some Llamas? in a field we crossed. One stood looking at us it was fairly close, with several others away up on a hill, I suddenly saw them all running down towards us, and I was off, shouting RUN to my husband, (he was busy map reading) it was just like that scene in Jurassic park,Dinosaurs running over the hill, I laughingly told the Son when we got back home.(he looked at me as though I was mad) I think they maybe thought we had food?? Phew, I was over the style soooo quick sharp!
Malham is lovely, but always quite busy.
We decided against visiting the cove as so many people were heading there, we had a good view of it on the way back.
Photos below are of our trip to the Peak District.
Our next trip out was back down to the Peak District, South Yorks, I forgot my camera then, but we went back there today, to Monsal Dale, not quite as sunny, and very busy, but still so lovely. We walked from Little Longstone round to Ashford on the Water,(see above) then back towards Monsal Dale, the viaduct and Hobbs tea rooms up above the Dale at Monsal Head. A bit of a hike to the top, but well worth it for a lovely cuppa, scone etc. Then afterwards a Banana and toffee ice-cream from their own little van! YUM I feel like I've had a day out, when I have an ice-cream? :)

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  1. Oh that all looks so lovely...the weather looks great, too! I used to watch that tv program 'All Creatures Great and Small' and dream about Yorkshire, all those green rolling hills :)


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