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Friday, 16 December 2011

More Stamping!

Just a quick little update on the stamping extravaganza I've been having. I really enjoyed making these, and they are right now, winging their way around the country to various lovely arty friends of mine. Each one a totally unique artwork! I'm a bit worried the blue watercolour might run if they get wet???? and then they may not get to the people intended?? Hope they do! They had to be pressed under some heavy books overnight as the watercolour paper liked curling up? Don't know what they will do if they are put on display :)))) Will be back with some more Christmas art shortly, it's coming round fast now!!!!


  1. Lovely and bright; just what folk need on these dark winter nights. Just one thine=g - I am not sure about 'letting it snow'. I get snowed in here as me and my Mini are wimps.

  2. yes Christmas is just around the corner now! how exciting!
    love that burst of blue on your desk the cards look lovely. This year i actually bought mine...

  3. Thank-you lovely blog people, I think i have a thing for the blue colours. I wasn't sure about the letting it snow either Bella, but it fit nicely with my snowflakes idea :) I may TRY and make some more in PLENTY of time for next year and sell some, if I ever manage to open a shop on Etsy or somewhere???

  4. Wow, you're like Santa's little elf on the card production line!! Love the blues! :))))))

  5. These are pretty. I've been having trouble with a curly painting this week too! :)


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