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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tis the season to be....Holly

Hello there all lovely blog people, I need to watch my spelling with that opening, as I missed the L out last time and had to correct it quickly :0)
I am beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, so as I work on this subject for a good part of the year, designing Greetings of the season, I shall post some of the things I have done fairly recently. I never seem to tire of doing Christmas images, which is just as well really. I have painted holly in various forms for years, so here are just a few bits and bobs of the floral variety. I always try and mix my greens  from yellows and blues, and the reds from yellow and pink or red, to give some depth to whatever I am painting, instead of just using a green such as sap green etc. Sometimes I do use a straightforward green, like olive, it is a bit different. These separate images will be combined to create either a giftwrap or bags or both.

Whilst out Christmas shopping at the weekend, I went into one of our large Greeting card stores, 'Clintons' if I say so myself it is one of the nicer shops. I had been told that a bag created from some work I did last year was going into their stores, so I was totally excitable to see it there on display, they have also done a gift wrap using the same design. I just had to buy one, and my head swelled to ginormous proportions when the cashier said how much she liked this bag, she thought it was so elegant!! Wowee, I had to tell her I designed it, it was a very pleasant exchange we had, and I then struggled to get out of the store with my ginormous head, Ha Ha. It does look quite elegant though, the foils make it look like etched silver, very clever! Hope you like it.
I shall post some more festive artwork soon, covering various subjects, so come by and see me again soon.


  1. Julie this is great! and i hope you kept your ginormous head for a bit longer haha! it’s so nice when others acknowledge you work, isn’t it?
    xo Sandra

  2. Thank-you Sandra, yes I had a smile on my face for a while after that, it was nice, because the lady didn't know I had done the design and so it came as a surprise and quite genuine! X

  3. What an accolade - to see your work out there in the masses like that. How did you show your work to the company initially?

  4. Thank-you Bella, it did feel so nice,especially as it came out of the blue. I answered an advert I think? It may have been on the Print and Pattern blog?? I do approach quite a few companies though, with low res images of my work, just keep knocking on doors and some lovely companies let me in :0)

  5. Ohh that must have been a very,very speccial moment! I,m with the cashier... it look really very elegant!

  6. That's a nice story! We need moments like that. Love seeing all of the Christmas paintings.

    One of your lovely bog people :)

  7. Thank-you lovely bog people :0) it was very special, big grin on my face walking around Christmas shopping,you forget sometimes that creating such things should hopefully please people at the end of the process, and when you find out someone likes it, made my day truly.

  8. Head swelling is a good thing!!
    We need a boost to keep creating :-} love your design and your holly paintings.

    HUGS Lorraine
    Pop over if you feel like seeing some cute ceramic animals.

  9. Those are really lovely little studies, it is so pleasing when we can share our work with others! To find ones designs out there, in the shops, has to be very nice feeling indeed.


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