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Monday, 16 January 2012

Here we go round......on a cold and frosty morning.

I have been so very busy for a couple of weeks, illustrating away, weekends an all ! It's been a bit manic. Mustn't grumble, that was a New Years resolution, not to grumble....failed on the first day :(

Being a freelance illustrator, as I have discussed with many fellow illustrators, is Famine or Feast  and that is quite normal. It's sometimes tricky to programme this into your life? ? Last week we ended up with my husband making tea one night....Beans on toast! Basically because I hadn't been shopping, and had no time to make tea! I have been doing my usual Greeting card illustration, and also doing some artwork for.....a BOOK.....Yep, that's right....dreams come true, Hooray.
Now don't get carried away,( this is what I keep telling myself), It is not absolutely nailed on that I will actually do all this book, I have only done a front and back cover, one double page spread and end papers. I think it now has to make its way through a process of meetings.....and might not get out at the other end....But, it's a start. A BIG learning curve start, I couldn't believe the size I have had to work at, almost A3 ! Wow, so it has taken some doing. I will hopefully update my blog with how this progresses, I finished my last bit at 9pm Sunday eyes were out on stalks. I can't show anything of it, it's all sort of secret and has come via my agent, Advocate art. They worked some magic for me! I have one or two images of me working in the twilight hours of early morning or evening, on my other artwork for cards, at the bottom of my post today.
In the meantime, life goes on... (I did lose track of what day it was last week) We've had a  few frosty mornings lately, and my favourite pooch and his pal 'Rosie' had their photo taken for my blog, aaahw they are waiting nicely for a biscuit, Rosie comes running over the field to me, knowing I have a bit of biscuit for her, and my dog 'Jet' (The big black doggy) has cottoned on to this fact, and joins the queue, crafty! Look at her cute little face, she had her little coat on this morning, as you can see it's quite frosty. These two wander off, partners in crime, sniffing out anything tasty....naughty pooches!

I do enjoy seeing fellow peoples blogs, and the weather going on all around the world, it's fascinating, so thanks bloggers for posting your photos.
Hope you like my new artwork, things are going back to normal workwise? Although I'm still busy, this New Year has got off to a flying start, Yippee!


  1. I love the dog photo. Jet is beautiful. Is Rosie a Schnauzer? My sister has a sweet one named Mabel.

    I sometimes have trouble seeing your photos because of how small they are or, more to the point, how old my eyes are! I finally figured out if I click them (the photos, not my eyes), they get bigger. Eureka! The vase of flowers is so pretty. Good luck with everything. It all sounds exciting.

  2. Thanks Kathleen, Rosie is a Border Terrier I think, but she hasn't got the darker rough top coat that she should have, she is very soft to touch, so she has the several little coats to wear when it's cold.Glad you like the flowers, thanks.

  3. Sounds like good things are a foot over there! Yeahhhhh! I shall keep fingers crossed your book dreams come true!! :)))))
    I think i start to understand why they call a person a "Starving Artist" ~ it's not because they aren't successful at selling their work, it's just cuz they never stop creating long enough to get to the store for food! :)) ha ha

  4. Ha Melody, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the book, I may be starving if not,coz I'm not entirely sure I will get paid?? All good fun eh? Thank-you for the good wishes.


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