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Monday, 23 January 2012

Quietly working.......or not?

I am attempting on this post to add a youtube video???Not done this before, so 'The Son' will be called in to help....Please, he can't fathom why I just can't do these things..... just like that. I am an old fogey after all. Anyway I digress. Whilst working away in my room I am at the sketching stage of things, I sometimes like to listen to music, sometimes it's distracting, but usually I'm Ok with it. I tend to like moody sort of music, someone with a powerful or very decent voice and the words have to be there, words that make you think. I also tend to fall in love with a particular CD or artist, and play this over and over..... I have recently fallen in love with Laura Marling. You may have already heard of her, she won the Mercury prize? I think.
I can remember it being announced and me thinking 'That will be a load of rubbish then' it being awarded for up and coming artists etc. Then I saw on the wonderful blog 'Seven impossible things before breakfast' by Jules (Children's book Illustration) a video of this same artist and I was just captured, What a voice, it is classed as folk music, but I don't think I would put it quite in that catergory. I managed to tape...Yes tape record as in the olden days, the concert she did on radio 2, I keep playing it over and over, I haven't found any song that I don't like as yet. Perhaps it's the earlier influences of Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac or maybe I just like moody sort of songs? I'm also listening to Adeles 21, what an amazing voice, hope she gets back to it soon, and Sade 'Soldier of love' So it is all quite moody. No art on this post, but I can say that the 'Book' is going 'Live' which I think means......Yes, it's going ahead. I'm sketching 4 more double page spreads now. I hope you like the music, that's if I can do the link thing??? JOE......Joe.....Help.......

 I went a bit mad with this and posted 2 videos, easy when you get the hang of it? Hope you enjoy them?


  1. Julie--I LOVE Laura Marling! I have all of her albums. She is a wonderful songwriter and singer!

    My girls are pretty wonderful about helping me with computer things when I get stuck, but every now and then, they get an exasperated look on their faces as if to say 'why aren't you getting this quicker?'.

  2. Thanks Kathleen, Gosh she is marvellous, so talented and SO young. I think girls will be better at the helping, I get lots of grunts and exhasperated sighs? Then whiz whiz whiz and I ask, what did you do there?? Sigh...? I reckon I can do it now tho? I need to get those albums!!

  3. I like her too! I could draw to this music very easily!
    I can see I need to borrow a "20 Something" ~ I've got NO help Had I some help, it probably wouldn't have taken me 3 hours to set up my still empty Etsy store! ha ha !! :)))

  4. Ah, but you did it see, that would have taken me an age, as it is doing! I wouldn't have things to sell either, only originals? Sometime this year I may get to do it? Hope you're enjoying the snow still?

  5. Julie, i am so glad you figured how to post you tube videos because i just discovered Laura Marling and i love it! thank you.
    Haven’t been visiting as much lately, i am working and that’s about all!!
    xo sandra


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