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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day today, hooray!

Hello there again, today is Mother's Day here, I received a beautiful card, as you can see, and a pile of washing :)  which was no trouble at all, as it's been another lovely sunny day, Hooray!
I hear the sun is shining in Canada too...spring is certainly here I think.
I have still been working away this weekend, trying to catch up and keep everyone happy. Still got lots to do, but possibly not as pressured as the book may be finished now????Just waiting to hear if all is OK.....eeek, hope so?
Our next main event will be the Easter break, which is in only 2 weeks time ! I can't believe it's coming round so soon. I am so looking forward to getting out, and doing some walking and tea shop scoffing. I think by then I will have some free time, I will certainly make some anyway.  So with that in mind here are a couple of Easter designs I did last year, which will be in the shops now. I went to see if my Mother's Day cards were in the shops, and they were, it's so nice to see your work up there, and people milling around them. I of course had to buy one, I didn't actually have a sample of it, so that was good.
Anyway back to the Easter cards, my little fairies for the Daughter caption, and a liitle boy with lambs, for Son. Hope you like them. I'll be back with more soon. Hope it's nice and Spring like wherever you are in the world.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Julie! Yes, the Canadian sun was out too--gorgeous day. Love the Easter cards--so sweet!

  2. Hi Julie, oh. it just keeps on raining over here. i might have to paint myself a sun...
    your cards are adorable, just adorable.


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