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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stunning Spring Shades and a snake?

Hi everyone, I've been missing from the blog for a while, had the book to finish, it's gone on it's way now, I do hope it all turns out OK?

 We have been having such amazing weather, glorious sunny days with clear blue skies, but coming cold on an evening, frosts even. The Spring flowers have all come bursting out, it's so wonderful to see, I'm so glad I made the last minute effort to put some more bulbs in, they are fabulous. I've got some photos to show of all this colour going on, and........ there has been an appearance from my little snake in the grass. My snakeshead fritillary has emerged, there are only 2 (I think I planted 6 bulbs?) but they are beautiful. It looks just like a snakes head as it's emerging, photos of before and after.(top 3 photos)

I also managed an afternoon out on Saturday last, we went to Harrogate, to 'Betty's' Tea room at Harlow carr gardens, we had a lovely lunch and I saw a work colleague and her bonny baby girl I haven't seen before.She was lovely. We then went on to Ripley village and Castle, to sample the 'famous' Ice cream. (it was not my favourite to be truthful).I was temtpted by those primroses and had to have some, which I brought home to more sunshine in the garden.

So we are having a very pleasant time of things at the moment, it will be the Easter break starting next week, I think it has forecast rain? Hope I get out to do some walking in the Sunshine. Sorry no artwork to show today, but hope you enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Lovely flower photos Julie. I do love spring! We are behind you a little but flowers are opening and my garden is changing daily. Hurray!

  2. Thanks Kathleen, we may have water shortages if this weather continues, they're already threatened in some parts of the country! But it is so nice, especially the flowers etc.

  3. I too am loving this weather. I didn't realise how low my spirits were. Living in a woodland had made me wonder how the trees will cope when they need water to plump up their leaves. Usually the oaks don't sprout until early May but it had been getting earlier every year and the rains don't come in earnest until monsoon season; summer. (Usually just when the schools stop for their summer break).

  4. Yep, it sure lifts the spirits Bella. A bit worrying about the rain, but I have seen it forecast for the school hols. Hope you can just enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! :)

  5. Looks like your spring has sprung over there! I love the little table of tempting flowers! :))) I would have caved in and bought some too!
    That ice cream looks pretty tastey to me... Spring is trying to get underway over here, last week warm, this week cold... the plants don't know what to do!

  6. I think it's supposed to come cooler here by the weekend too Melody. It's sort of lulled us into a false summer it's been so warm? It's just a nice sort of weather tho, :)

  7. i did enjoy the beautiful sunny pictures; it’s still raining here in vancouver.. i too am hoping for pretty weather over easter.
    Julie, i’m sure your book will be amazing; make sure to let us know where we can get when it’s out. i mean this. it’s just so exciting!


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