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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Beautiful Sark

Waiting for us in the harbour, Jill and Danie and dogs Molly and George

Sark ferry and harbour.

Main street in Sark.Look at the signpost!

View from La Coupee was beautiful

Life has a steady plod on Sark!
We arrived back yesterday from our whirlwind trip to Guernsey and Sark. It seems to all be over so quick, but it was packed full of sight seeing. The weather was so amazing and made it feel so good, it felt like I was in Portugal or similar? What an amazing place Sark is, I shall try and summarise it all in my next post, along with more photos (because I took lots). We were so lucky to have my dear friend Jill and her husband Danie there, as we crammed in visiting all the most beautiful places in our weekend there! I shall just put one or two photos on now to show you. I will be back soon with more. :)


  1. Wow, what a landscape, I got a little woozy looking off the cliff down to the beach!!
    Looks beautiful, can't wait for more!! :))

  2. Thanks Mel, some of those cliff top views were bordering on down right dangerous, no health and safety rules! :)But just stunning mainly.

  3. Julie i had never heard of Sark before i read your post, so i had to go and google it! looks fabulous, and it’s true the sunshine makes it look like somewhere in the very south of Europe, especially that beach picture. divine.

  4. I have never visited Sark; it looks well worth it with those views. It is good to hear not everywhere has become corporate and overly careful with H&S as I think it can ruin a place when signs and warnings are pasted everywhere.

  5. Thanks Sandra and Bella, it certainly is very different. The sort of place you would imagine the Famous Five of Enid Blyton holidaying on, it had a sense of freedom about it. Although there were some very posh hotels and eateries!!


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