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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A bit like Christmas?

 Last week also I had a HUGE parcel of cheeryupiness! It felt a bit like Christmas, I didn't know what exactly was inside, so it was exciting. It is so lovely to be sent samples of your work like this, these are some new Christmas designs that I worked on a while back. 12 packs of cards each with 6 samples in, Wow, delightful. Once again they have done a very good job with my Illustrations. I like the pattern work they've put on the edges etc and inside.

I am totally delighted with my samples, such a professional job. I can't use them all to send at Christmas, due to the captions, but I can use the Special friend captions, so they may make their way out to special friends of mine! I hope you can see them OK, and if so, do you have a favourite? I can't quite decide just yet? See you all again soon. :)


  1. They look awesome! How fun to get an early Christmas package too! ;))))
    I'd say my favorite is the deer with the ribbon on its neck, with the adorable little robin ~ second favorite the little person with the dog, cuz it reminds me of Me & Kippy! :))))
    Congrats on your lovely card samples! :)))))

  2. Oh thanks Mel, you've picked the 2 I like as well. It was so good to get these samples!

  3. Seeing these samples made my week- nothing better in an illustrator's day than getting beautiful printed pieces in the mail. And I am so impressed that some of the pieces have been "glitter-flocked" Ahhh, to have my pieces flocked....someday! My favs? I have to go with Melody's comment- those fawns are awfully dear (deer). But I'm a fan of your fairies, too!

    Nice recent post and tribute to your friend. What a wonderful woman she sounds. She will always be a part of your life.

  4. Thanks Claudia, it is such a treat getting samples through, I'm waiting to see my first Childrens book that I illustrated, you have a few books now! My friend was so very special, you could guarantee when with her that there would be fun times, she was just like that.

  5. they are all so adorable faeries and all

    but I do love the deer
    have a wonderful weekend, I hope it stops raining there just at least for a bit.


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