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Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspiring Illustration from Lynne Chapman.

Just wanted to post something very inspirational and arty from the lovely Lynne Chapman. In this short film she very genorously shows how she works on her new Children's picture book 'Swap' in pastels. This gives a great insight into producing artwork for picture books. Lynne is very talented and her blog shows so much of illustration techniques etc. I always love to watch an artist work, and as Lynne does this same sort of thing whilst working with children in schools etc, I am sure she must be an inspiration to them. Hope this inspires you too, check out her blog,'An Illustrators life for me'. Bye for now folks, I will be back with some snippets from my delightful new book 'Art for the love of Sark' .


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Julie and of course for plugging our little film. We had great fun making it and we're getting some lovely feedback, which is much appreciated!

  2. Seeing that little movies gives me EVEN more respect for pastel work... Really neat to see how the drawing takes shape!
    When do we see a video of YOU making art??? :)))))
    I think I'd better just stick to my colored pencils for my own art! :))))

    p.s. can you feel your face today? :)))

  3. Thanks Mel, Lynne is very good at her work, but it does give a good insight into using pastel. You would just fall about laughing at me on video :) Coloured pencils are fab anyway. I still can't feel my face, it's all a bit weird, I'm hoping this goes in time, sooner please if possible! Thanks for asking though.

  4. oh that was wonderful. i just love seeing other illustrators working, there’s always something to learn. i’d love to try pastels actually.


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