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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Art for the love of Sark book

 Hello Blog friends. As promised I am back with some of the images from this beautiful book I had bought for my birthday. All of the artwork is stunning, showing different aspects of life on the island of Sark. The wildlife ones are just gorgeous. You can see below an illustration showing the butterfly that I took a photo of whilst we were visiting. There are such a variety of styles of work, all of them are so accomplished. I shall just post some of my favourite images, they really speak for themselves!
Spot the butterflies as seen in my photo below!
Speckled wood, now I know what it is from the book!

Love these paper cuts and the wooden sculptures

Darren Woodheads works are particular favourites

Beautiful bird captured here so simply, Darren is from West Yorkshire, which is my home territory!

Love this work in progress artwork.

Long tailed tits, so strikingly portrayed, I love these little pink birds, they are more common now in the garden.

We stood in this very spot looking out to sea, over the thatched roof house.
I hope you can see all these images from the book. They are all beautiful. I have still so much to look at within the book, and some of the writing is very moving. There is also a DVD of the artists, which I have yet to see! I'm sure it will a fascinating insight into their work.
The weather here in the UK has been quite lovely of late, that's why I've been missing from the blog. In between finishing off some work at a steady pace, because my eye is still not 100% , we have managed some wonderful days out in the sunshine. I think it's all change next week at some point, it's going to have an Autumnal feel to the temperature? Eeek. I've so enjoyed these balmy late summer days.
I will be back soon with some more creative pieces, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing these!


  1. these are such beautiful watercolours in your new book.
    Hope your eye heals soon

  2. Thanks for your comments folks,nice to see you here, my eye is mending slowly. The book is so big, all of the artwork is beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely book ~ I like the road and cottage, makes me want to go for a walk.... and the little birds... *sigh*
    The Sea Critters in progress is fun too, i like to see the before and after!
    Enjoy the September sunshine! :))))


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