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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sketchcrawl Sunshine

First tree I sketched, the colours are just changing.

Lynne sketching the stunning red Acer, as seen in the next image, I also drew this tree.

Sketch of above.

Sophie ryders dogs were popular amongst the sketchers and all interpreted differently

We were surrounded by Canada geese at one point, lovely sketches here, and of the branches as seen in my top photo dangling down.

This is me as sketched by my lovely friend D

Amazing work achieved in such a short time, the hours pass so quickly when you're absorbed in the sketching!

My sketches here as mentioned above, I concentrated on the trees as they were  so lovely in their changing state.
 I used some colour this time, just experimenting with different techniques.
Sorry I can't name each persons sketches, but they were all good!
Hi blog friends! I'm still here awaiting THAT book!!!! Sigh..... in the meantime, I had a lovely day last Sunday, out on the Sketchcrawl at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.I had a lovely friend accompanying me this time and we certainly had good weather. Quite unbelievable really, it was so nice to sit in the sunshine and draw. The wind was a bit nippy, but in sheltered spots it was a delight. I should have taken lots of photos at the park, as there were new sculptures on display, but I mainly took shots of the final showdown, where we all display our work for to share. Quite a nerve wracking experience this can be, but there are all levels and abilities and all deserve praise. So many different styles and techniques, we can all learn from each other.Hope you enjoy my little exhibition, it was fun.


  1. What fun! Lovely seeing all of the sketchbooks and all of the different interpretations. Painting/sketching en plein air can be difficult. Hard to focus in on one area.

  2. Sketching and painting can be a lonely past time so it is great to see you have been out sharing a passion with fellow artists. I like the sculptures very much.

  3. It was such a lovely day Kathleen, I could have just sat and stared,in the sun, but it felt nice to be part of the group and sketching together(Bella). Always scary at the end, because there will be those people who are just brilliant, I am just run of the mill.but the practice might make perfect one day??? :)

  4. Looks like a fun way too spend the day!
    I've never been good at "on-site" sketching... I tend to curl up on the couch to draw, and seem to use photos for reference which have no time limits, or fading light! :))))
    It's great to see all the sketches! :)))

  5. from the sketches it looks like everyone had a wonderful and successful outing.
    the colours make it look so warm

  6. Great sketches suddenly feeling homesick for Yorkshire after any decades away


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