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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Up Hill and Down Dale, a short interlude.....

Going Up, Up

and Up

Above the beautiful Wharfedale

Out onto the moors above

then a steep Down,Down
To the bottom of the Dale and a walk back by the river.
Just a short interlude blog friends. We had a lovely walk in the Autumn sunshine. Out of lovely Kettlewell, up a very steep track ( which may be of 'Calendar Girls' fame)? To get these glorious views down the valley, it was well worth the uphill struggle! Out onto the moors, then back down the steep track, and a walk from Starbotton along the dale back. What a lovely day, cup of tea and cream scone to finish, Yum.
I am hoping to have my first copy of the Children's book I illustrated earlier this year, I have seen it and am quite beside myself excited.......just need to get my hands on a copy, then I can show you all some pics, and of the process it took to get there!! Hope to be back soooooon!
 Oooh forgot to say, going on a sketchcrawl on Sunday to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, with Lynne Chapman and the gang, and also managed to get myself a screen and a squeegee, for some screenprinting action??? Soon!! Very exciting! (to me anyway) :))))


  1. what a beautiful and rewarding walk: thank you for showing it!

    I'm surprised the publisher didn't give you a few copies of the book. Looking forward to seeing your illustrations. Congratulations

    Very curious too, to see what you do with the screen...:)

  2. Thanks Barbara, I'm not 100% sure about the screenprinting,it will be trial and many errors I suspect? Yours are just brilliant!

  3. Hi Julie, just catching up with your blog, wow! I've loved spending time reading your posts, your screen printing at the Art House looks fab! I hope your shingles is better x poor you, and your walk looks wonderful:) and if you do pop in to the Holmfirth art market, I look forward to meeting you and having a chat:) lisax

  4. The moors ooks like a great place to exercise your eyes! I love when you talk of a finishing your walk with a cup of tea.

    Can't wait to see your book! It will be wonderful, I know it.

  5. Hi Lisa, thanks for joining me, I've put the date on the calendar so hopefully will make it to the Sunday one prob. Have got me a screen aaaggghhh, what next? :)
    A walk without a cup of tea is not the same Claudia, we often have to dash the last mile to be in time before closing. I'm hoping the book will be through any day???

  6. looks like a wonderful place to take a breath of fresh air. i love spending time in nature.
    I really look forward to seing the book Julie, it’s so so exciting!
    x sandra

  7. Beautiful scenery on your walk! I can't wait to see book illustrations! :)))) A cup of tea and a scone sound perfect about now!!


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