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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Festive tidings, blog friends.

Greetings of the season to all you blog friends who visit. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and the very best for the New Year 2013. I was going to show my new Mother's Day cards, but I think this is more in keeping for now. The cards above are in 'Poundland' whoooweeee. I did this little range earlier this year, and wasn't sure where they were headed, but I found these samples on a recent trip to the beautiful City of York. I actually did about 8 artworks,all to have different captions, some of which you can see to the left and below, but I could only find these 2 samples. The display rack in Poundland is abysmal, everything is just thrown in, mixed up, upside down etc, after fishing through a load of cards, I came up with 2, and it is 2 for a pound, so an absolute bargain!! I worked in pastel on these as you can probably see, quite time consuming, I don't think most people realise that cards are done as artworks? I may be wrong?
I don't think I will get chance to write another post before Christmas, so I wish you all the very best, and I hope Santa stops by with goodies for you all. See you again soon.


  1. I often wonder if people realize greeting card art was made by a REAL person too....
    We know the truth! :)))))
    Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Holiday season, and all the best for continued success with your art in 2013 and beyond!! :))))

  2. I love those Christmas designs. Very sweet and lots of lovely details. Very happy holidays to you and your family, Julie. I received my present a little early. My computer arrived yesterday and I'm typing this to you on it. A bit of a learning curve to it but, all in all, it is very intuitive. I'm sure you'll love yours! Best of the season!

  3. Thanks Mel, all the best to you and ALL the Growing family you have there, hope it's going smoothly!
    Thanks kathleen, you will be performing wizadry on your new machine! I still have to wait until Jan 4th at least, then I think I will be in awe, and sit and stare! But I'm hoping for a new education in 2013. Happy Hols!

  4. it’s gorgeous to see your working space, where your fabulous art is created. Hope you are enjoying this magic time of the year,

  5. your Santa s are adorable.

    wishing you a Merry Holiday Season

  6. Julie, I am not sure if I would be much use but I know you will love your new Imac. I did some Photoshop classes at night school, they proved to be invaluable.

    I am sure you will continue to paint in the traditional way but digital skills are a bonus. Happy Christmas to you!


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