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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Leaping ahead....

 I am leaping ahead in time here,jumping right past Christmas, to show you some of the items I received in a lovely parcel this last week. These are Valentines Day cards for next year 2013. I did these designs much earlier this year. Always so nice to see how things turn out, I love the way the image is used again inside the card, it just makes it seem that bit more special. I think my photos have turned out a bit blue?? The light was not very good, even though the sun was shining outside, it is so low in the sky, it only makes it to one side of the garden!

I will be back soon with the rest of the parcel, and even further ahead in time to Mother's Day next year!
I am very excited too, as I have placed an order for the new Imac that has just been released. I've not had one before, so this is very exciting, and also expensive. I have waited ages for this new one to come out, it's super sleek and slim . I think you should be able to see it here? Then I need to practice with it and one day I may design everything on it???? Or not??? I still love the feel of watercolour paper, and that trepidation as the paint goes down.....but maybe a combination of techniques would be a good thing?
See you all again soon. :)


  1. I love the Valentines! (Of course I'm struggling to get my mind around December still!) Sweet little animals,thanks for sharing!
    I've got to go see what an Imac is now??? :)))))

  2. How exciting: Valentine's Cards and an Imac!!!
    Way cool; in fact, I would think learning the Imac would be more difficult than the screen printing.

    to answer your question:
    Yes, I do use a photographic process. I set up a dark room in our basement and my partner made an exposure unit for me after looking at a few tutorials.

  3. i love mixing traditional work + imac.
    you’ll love it, and if you need help at first, just let me know :) :)
    gorgeous work as always.


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