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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I love Paris in the Sringtime.......

Ink line sketch

Watercolour line wash
 Oh I wish I was in Paris....but sadly not :(
As I mentioned in my Tulip post, whilst I waited for the washes to dry..... I set about another little project. I've noticed quite a few Eiffel tower inspired arty pieces about, so I decided to attempt a couple of ideas. Firstly I sketched one using a cut off straw and black ink,then I worked another up on wet paper, using a rigger brush(those long thin ones)and watercolour. I quite liked the different results.
The next part was scanning them into photoshop and bringing in some elements I had created a while back, to create Valentine ideas.
Re Jigged in photoshop
 I enjoyed playing about with all the hearts and roses, and a few little french words for LOVE. Hope you like them?
 I also managed to finish the letter 'C' with my stamped Christmas foliage.....
and created a 'Merry Christmas' with the 2 letters at the head. I am really just starting out on the digital art journey, I can't profess to being able to do wonderous things as yet. But I do like playing about with it, and I LOVE the possibilities it offers. I could not have painted those roses/ hearts in situ around the Eiffel Tower, without making a total mess! I think they look quite pretty and fit the sort of valentine theme, what with the French being great romantics. I just need someone else to like them now, they will be winging their way to various folks soon.
Meanwhile I am carrying on with my books, I managed 10 more sketches this week, and I'm waiting on a response, or to be given the go ahead hopefully. I will post a couple of my artworks for the last book next. So see you all again soon.

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  1. Oh la la Paris.
    makes me a bit homesick to see the Eiffel tour actually. beautiful work Julie, let’s say… j’adore!
    x sandra


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