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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Quick pattern splash!

 Do you remember the little Bellis Daisies I painted with the intention of making a little pattern with them? Well here goes, the photos speak for themselves I think?? I went a bit pattern crazy :)

 It looked a bit sort of linear? so I attempted a new format with a background below. It's quite fun playing around with this. Oh me of simple brain :)
 And finally,  a couple of little images from one of the books I have been working on, there is a little blessing written on one page and my illustration on the opposite page. The hardest part about doing these is thinking up something to match the wording! Hope you think I've managed it??
Sketch and the 'Blessing' wording.

The 'Blessings' are for little girls.

I like this little outfit :)
I had 30 of these little illustrations to do for the first book, and now 30 more to do for the second book, 'Prayers' for little girls. I have quite enjoyed doing them overall, after I get past the sketch stage and thinking up the scenarios that is. Hope you like them? See you again soon.


  1. Wow, Julie. I am amazed you can still see after al those patterns - they really are quite something. Let us hope they are a portent to the number of flowers we shall have this year with all the sun we are looking forward too.

  2. You are clever at drawing children, it looks like you had lots of work to do. Love your textile design too.

  3. my, you have been very busy!!
    sweet drawings of the children

  4. It is so interesting to see your illustrations to the little prayers, you have a nice gentle style. I can imagine it is very hard thinking up the pictures to go with the words. I can see you have been having fun with the computer.

  5. The pattern is really fun and your book illustrations are just adorable, you must he proud after allllll the work that goes into a book xx

  6. Thank-you folks for all your comments, they are really appreciated. :)


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