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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Who gave that putty rubber legs???and other ramblings....

there he is, sloping off....
 I've been busy working my way through my little book illustrations, and one of my 'pet' hates is my dratted putty rubber managing to hide from me, can you see him up above,he's off again, this time he went under those sketch papers, he can get onto the windowsill, down on the floor, in-between papers, Grrrrr, I shall have to keep my eye on him! These are some of my ramblings over this past week? I haven't lost the plot, honest :)
Female Sparrowhawk.
Just two minutes after I took the photo of my putty rubber, I glanced out of the window to see Mrs Sparrowhawk on the prowl, she knew that birds had flown in the shrub ahead of her, she flew around the back of the shrub, after sitting and listening a while, but this time flew off empty beaked. I've sat and watched her having a 'snack' many times before now!She swoops in so low and fast, marvellous!

Mrs Blackbird first....
Then after the Sparrowhawk had gone, the birdies took a dip in the sunshine. I don't take great birdie photos, unlike my lovely blog friend Kathleen, on her 'Trowel and Paintbrush' blog, but these birds taking a dip have made me laugh this week.
Then Mr Blackbird, ducking his head under the little bit of water.

Out on a very nice ramble in the beautiful, warm sunshine this bank hol weekend, I spotted these little birds in the grass, I thought they were plovers of some sort, but I think they are Dotterels, as seen on the page below? What do you think? They don't look so bright in my photo, but that stripe over the eye is surely them.

Beautiful Wharfedale.

We enjoyed a walk through Wharfedale and then lunch at our favourite Tea room, Yum.
Me descending the stile.
I've also been messing around with some lovely blues, I have plans to do various projects with these. I've done one already, more to come on this! The lovely squirrel mop brushes are great for swooshing on textured colour.


  1. oh a walking rubber… i have one of those too:)

  2. had you not caught the little fellow in the act of walking off, I might not have believed it....
    he he
    Love to catch a glimpse of some art too! :)))
    Fun to watch birds in the bath! (should we be watching? Is that rude?)
    Your country side photos making me long to disappear into the hills myself, for a good long, soul cleansing walk.... *sigh.

  3. Love the new cyan explorations. And the dotterels handsome little things. As far as walking rubbers, I can relate. I found one missing in action stuck to my coffee cup bottom!

  4. Aren't you nice to mention my bird photos, my blogging friend? I have had lots of trouble taking good photos of birds in the past but am getting better at it. Still a ways to go though. We have a birdbath too and I love watching them in it. Melody has a point though. Maybe we should put up a privacy curtain and provide little birdie bathrobes and fluffy towels? :)

    I love that your putty rubber has legs.

  5. Thank-you for your comments folks, always nice to get them, and you've made me laugh, it seems I'm not the only one with eraser problems! Naughty things. Sandra if you come back to visit, I couldn't find the 'comment' box on your blog again? not sure why, but I did visit :) Mel, I get the binoculars on my birds, I may get arrested for peeping too much!! Claudia, that's a good escape by your rubber, they are infuriating or is it me? and my 'tidy' studio?? Kathleen, I found a zoom crop thing on the camera, which helped to focus in, but it's not great, I'm not close enough, I dream of a new camera and nice zoom lens, sigh!

  6. I really love the blue washes, did you use salt in one of them? It looks like there might be little salt stars. I love using salt in my watercolours. Glad I found your blog!

  7. Hi Jane, thank-you for your comments. I did use salt, it works lovely with blue! I've started following you. I am with Advocate too, I'm sure you will have plenty of work with them :)


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