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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rare Treats

The Hepworth Gallery.

Hepworth close up.
 This past week or so has seen me have some ups and downs. I had migraine for 4 days last week, which was just so awful, I can't eat or drink properly and nothing seems to work in getting rid of it. I have tried many things over many years and was hoping they were going as I've not had such a bad one for about a year. But hey ho, every cloud has a silver lining, and after I emerged from the cloud, I had a lovely day out with friends.
But firstly I managed a trip to my local gallery. I don't really like going on my own to galleries, don't know why, and after this trip I will go more often as I enjoyed it very much. The opportunity to see some lovely artwork, for free, should not be missed. This gallery was opened quite recently, and I have to admit to criticising the building as it was going up, and still do to this day. It is very different, it cost millions and I think it looks awful, see above for the outside shots? It looks so grey and rather like a bunker? If it were painted white or cream, I think it would look so much better and funnily enough there is a little model of the whole gallery inside the shop, which is white and looks quite sweet.
Inside spaces are something else
 When you get inside the building it's a different scene. The spaces are huge and airy and do suit the exhibitions.
Informative boards explaining Barbara Hepworth work.
Barbara Hepworth came from Wakefield. She worked at a similar time to Henry Moore, who came from Castleford, not far away, which is where I was born. They are both hugely famous sculptors. Their sketches and other work appeal to me more, and are quite brilliant.
Hepworths work, these are small sort of thumbnail pieces.
 As well as the sculptures in the gallery, there are other works featured. These change over the year. On my visit, the work of an artist called James Tissot was on display. The paintings were beautiful, how he captured the material on the dresses etc, quite lovely. Below are some of his paintings. I took a photo of the blurb and then the painting.

 The gallery is on the edge of the river, over which a busy road runs. But my eye was taken by a heron busy fishing on the weir. The huge windows in the gallery allow you to walk right up to them and it feels like you could step out, it is a bit unnerving?
Fisherman at work.
 Trust me to spot more birdies, a lovely grey wagtail, perched on top of the flag pole(below) I think it may have had a nest in the boat below?

Grey wagtail.
 Next I had a trip out to Saltaire, to see the 'Open House' festival and the makers fair. I met up with my lovely friend Wendi and her sister Carol, and we had a great day. People open their houses to display artists work, it may be their own work, or others. The terraced streets run in rows and were built for mill workers, many are still cobbled and really quite quaint, it's a fascinating insight.

Salts mill and the cobbled street.

Kate Lycetts art
 One of the artists work we saw, was someone my friend Wendi admired, and she bought  this beautiful print which was a birthday treat. Kate Lycett is the artists name, such lovely work. She has a website  I'm sure you could see more there.
My lovely friend Wendi, with her birthday treat.
Inside the Victoria Hall, there was a 'Makers Fair' which displayed the work of craftspeople. I thought the standard was extremely high, some brilliant work in there. I could have spent a fortune, if I had it. I just bought some little bits and pieces.  Below are listed some websites of the makers I particularly liked if you fancied taking a peep.    gorgeous fabric pot holders, wallets, pictures etc.   beautiful jewellery  unusual ceramic pieces, bottles etc.     paper cut detailed cards etc.
See you all again soon with something of my own, possibly inspired by the lovely work I have seen! :)


  1. A day out always helps restore the muses. Love the fisherman heron- I'd notice that, too!

    Hope your migraines stay away for a long time.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraine, it sounds debilitating. I have admired Kate's work also, via Hebden Bridge friend, small world. The Hepworth Gallery looks interesting, I love her garden in St Ives.

  3. migraines are awful. my daughter combats them with chocolate (when she feels one coming on)

    your gallery day looks wonderful. Lucky you to see some Tissot's

    and yes, that is a lot of illustrative work!

    have a nice wekend


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