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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Natures child....

At heart, I would say I love Nature and just about everything it produces, so amazing! I marvel at flowers and the beautiful shapes,colours that are to be found, every little tiny thing is so wonderful to look at. I've been having the best time watching Springwatch this last 3 weeks, I wish it could be on all the time. I've learned so much, about birds, butterflies, bees, insects and so much more, just incredible!
On walks that we manage to do, I have to stop at every stream or river to look for fish etc. It's something from childhood, fishing for sticklebacks, or with my Dad on his fishing ventures. It's fascinating. On a recent walk to Ashford in the Water, we stopped on the bridge and I went to the right to look for fish, is a little look to the left?  YES, big whopping fish, so close to the surface and the edge, delightful. I think they are rainbow trout, and are so close in to the edge because people feed the ducks there.

There is a fish in this photo in very shallow water.

Ashford in the Water
 I managed to take a few photos, we could have 'tickled' these trout out of the water!
Below are some more photies of the lovely things I saw on our day out, firstly in Ashford in the Water, then on to Taddington. We walked up above the village on a beautiful day with skylarks singing their hearts out.
Up above Taddington.


My unusual Allium?

Flowers have closed and are pointing up now?

Last Peony to flower.

pretty on the inside too.
In the garden there have been some blooming lovely flowers and I had a bit of a surprise, something came up which I cannot remember planting?? It is an Allium of sorts, and the bees have loved this flower, even though they have a job climbing up in to them, it's a shame the pretty flower hangs down though. It's been quite fascinating to watch this flower develop, a straight spike, then exploding long bell shaped flower heads, and now the heads are pointing upwards again? What will happen next? I've been helping the Beewatch team by taking photos of the different bees I see (this can be anywhere) it's fascinating how many different ones there are.
I'm busy sketching for a new book, which may or may not go ahead? Also doing some cute little characters, so I'll be back soon.


  1. Did that beautiful plant just appear in your garden from nowhere? I am jealous! I wonder what it is? Maybe a bird dropped a seed?

  2. when the girls and I go for walks it's the birds that make me stop; a new trill catches my ear and if I stand still long enough I'll catch sight of a chipping sparrow.

    Taddington looks quite idyllic

    have a lovely weekend

  3. Hi Julie, what a charming blog you have! Thank you so much for stopping by mine and leaving a comment! I admire your lovely art and photos so much! I too am a nature lover, since a child also, and can never take a walk without stopping to examine a plant, bird or just stop to enjoy the scent in the breeze. My fast walker friends go crazy, so often I sneak away by myself and then I can go at my own pace. Have a delightful week! ~Diane

  4. Love your comments. We will never be bored while we live in a world full of natural wonders, and people like you to lovingly record it!


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