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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hello there!

Hello folks,

I have been absent for a while now, things have been busy, with family and work. Happily so!
 I always get concerned on the blog about images being stolen,(safe to say my lovely friends on the blogs, have experienced some awful copyright problems) so it's sometimes very difficult to write about what I am working on. I don't have a shop, so I'm not selling work, and I found myself  thinking why am I writing this blog??
 I have loved meeting people through writing a blog, but I became rather despondent not getting many comments, feeling a bit 'Billy no mates' :(  Quite pathetic I know.
I think perhaps I ran out of interesting things to say? That is impossible in this wonderful creative world? Or maybe it's just the way I write?? It's sometimes hard to write in an interesting way, but some people do it sooooo well. I follow lots of lovely blogs, and I know they don't always get huggings of comments!
Anyways, I needed a bit of a rest, and then found it difficult to come back here, hence my absence. I've been following all you lovely people out there in blogland though, enjoying all as usual. 
I will be back before too long, and leave you with some images of cards I did that will appear in Waitrose this Christmas. I know it's a bit early to mention Christmas, eeek, so apologies for this.They are teeny tiny cards, but I'm thrilled that they selected my work to be in this store, as it's a bit posh! Oooh get me, going all posh!!
See you again, before too long :)


  1. you're not a Billy no mates!! love your cards and read your blog regular, just don't always leave a comment x thank you for your comments and keep up the great work xx

  2. Oh thanks Lisa, your blog is ace, you always write so well and it's full of lovely images, esp yours! X

  3. I'm so glad to see you've popped back to your blog. I've missed your posts.
    And, hey, no: it's not too early to mention Christmas especially when you do Christmas cards. Don't you have to start those in August?
    Anyway, they are lovely.

  4. I am delighted to see you back in Blogland! I say it's about Quality not Quanity of your friends/followers/commenters ~ When people have hundreds of followers and just as many comments, they don't (and can't) take time to reply! ~ and it looses something, because as a reader and follower, I want to know that you notice me and care that I'm here, and read your blog!!! I enjoy seeing your seeing your art, and you walks in the beautiful countryside, your flowers and the birds on your feeder! I have been quiet myself lately... busy, distracted, or just having a little rest. It's still fun to come back, catch up and post a little post!! :)))))
    Happy to see you, and love your little fairies!!

  5. Thanks Barbara, glad you like the cards too, I did those designs last year, for this year. Nice to hear from you.
    Thank-you Melody, I am glad you like to read about my wanderings, and the art, I always love to hear of your escapades, they are quite exceptional, and all your lovely drawings, what a life! :)

  6. Julie your little angel/fairies on the cards above are simply adorable! Glad to see you back!

  7. Hi Julie, I too have been absent from Blogland and the longer my absence the harder it is to return. I always enjoy what you write and a peep into the world of a fellow artist. I do hope you continue to post.

  8. I am pleased to have found your blog, and I hope that you keep it going. Love your card designs too, congratulations on getting them chosen by Waitrose, you must have been really chuffed!

  9. Thank-you folks for leaving your comments, new people too, Yippeee. I think a few people have been having blog rests and not posting as often.

  10. well Julie, you might like to know that i drop by often to check on you:)
    i do find it hard to leave comments though, it’s just a time thing;
    your work is just so amazing, i look forward to seing (and buying!) your lovely cards in Waitrose now that i live in London! x sandra
    x sandra

  11. Thank-you Sandra, I did see that you had moved, you are always on the move :) That's exciting. I can't always comment on your blog as there isn't a box to make one?

  12. Well, I DO know how you feel about keeping up a blog. Sometimes it does seem like I'm talking to a big empty room! But you are not only a great blogger (with gorgeous, interesting work), but a wonderful blog reader and generous comment-maker. I do understand a rest, but selfishly hope you don't hang it up all together! I also maintain an illustrator Facebook page and for awhile, I wondered if I should drop my blog in place of it. While I like that I get more spontaneous feedback on my much shorter posts there, I don't feel the way I do about writing in my blog. It is truly more like a journal space for me, as I think yours may be for you, too? It surely is a neat digital record of our projects. I love that you talk about the what and the where that inspires you as well as the fruit of your inspirations. Do keep sharing when you can, and feel like it!

  13. Gosh, I am very heartened by all your comments and I do feel you have grasped what I was saying. I have enjoyed keeping this blog and it's good to look back on things I've done. I shall keep up the blog, feeling more inspired by a mutual understanding of the reasons behind it. :)

  14. It is so hard to come up with new things on a blog. It is lots of work as well especially when you want to spend time doing art. Your Christmas cards are lovely. I can see why that posh shop would want them. Have a lovely day.

  15. Hi Julie, popping back in when you mentioned "frosty" on my blog! I am delighted to see your new header! Mr. and Mrs. Claus are just the cutest couple ever! More regarding blogs, some of the newer blog formats are really confusing and I just look and leave! I much prefer the simpler format that you have. Thanks for keeping it simple!

  16. Oops... you mentioned Christmasy not frosty, Oh I wish there was an edit on these comments!! Heehee! Since I'm back, I would love to Pin your blog to my Pinterest board, Favorite Blogs. Would you share how you feel about that? I know many artists despise Pinterest. Just wondering how you feel about it. ~ Diane

  17. Hi Diane,
    I don't despise pintrest, I'm on there too, with lots of interesting work pinned, it's an amazing way to see artists work. I am happy for you to pin me if you feel that my blog is good enough, quite flattered actually :) Thank-you.

    1. Thank you Julie, I will look for your PInterest profile too!

  18. thanks for popping by to visit me.

    Your new header is so sweet and timely. Everyone loves Christmas.
    And judging from all the positive comments, I guess it pays to grumble now and then about feeling like you're talking to an empty room (as Claudia mentioned)...


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