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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Marimekko Fabric Printing

My first surface pattern attempts above
 Hello again my blog friends. I should have been back sooner, but I've been quite busy and really not taken the camera out on many jaunts a lately.

 I have been attempting to walk another path in the design world, that of 'surface pattern' in the hope that it would help in my quest to get a bit better on the iMac and in digital art. I haven't got too far, as I keep getting requests to do things in pastel or watercolour (which is fine by me) as 'live' work, and so I don't dare attempt this on the mac, as it could go wrong and I would waste I'm still trying to work things out?  The above is one of my attempts at pattern, inspired by a top I bought recently, which I loved the pattern on (see below).
I will hopefully get back to the pattern work soon, as I have always had a love of pattern, I studied Graphic Design..... and it's absolutely everywhere around us, when you take the time to look.

Otley river walk
The weir in Otley, those seagulls drifted close to the drop and then took off ....:)
I've also managed a few walks, one on the riverbank into Otley (Yorkshire) with the leaves changing colour nicely, brightening everything up, glowing gold :)
We also did a walk that found us passing field upon field of Christmas trees, I suppose these may go in the not too distant future now.

Autumn leaves gathered on a morning dog walk nearby. Just couldn't resist them!
I shall leave you with this little clip of some screen printing which always fascinates me. I can't get over how simple the process is (with plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong) and yet material etc is still produced this way. It's just a joy to watch. I bought myself a screen and a squeegee last year, and still have not got round to using them. My screen is about A3  size, not quite as large as these shown here.


  1. I love the black flowers with your beautiful pink roses. I would love to learn how to screen print some day.

  2. I love your interpretation of the fabric pattern. Yours are better than the original! Screen printing is fascinating to watch, I've never attempted it myself!

  3. Love the black and white work- bold, yet the subject matter delicately handled. As in your watercolor work. I adore pattern too- you can never take the graphic out of the graphic artist! Carry on!
    Otley- is that where Otley Hall is, the family home of John Gosnold, the early New World Explorer?
    Your header is so cozy, adorable!

  4. the flowers you've done are lovely
    can't wait for you to try your screen
    (thanks for coming by...)


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