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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our Daily Bread......

Part finished 'Our Daily Bread' illustration

Finished piece with linework added
The words of the 'Lord's Prayer' have been running through my head this past 3 months. I find it quite difficult coming up with scenarios for each broken down section of the text, it has been the same with 'The Lord is my Shepherd', but I eventually get there, and I'm pleased to say the people I've designed these for are grateful for my innovative thoughtful illustrations. It is so lovely when someone says this to you at the end of the project, just a few kind words that show someone has appreciated what you have done, is most satisfying, as most of the time I think I've lost the plot or something?

The artwork for the 2 books is shown above, I've tried to make them small images as I worry about people stealing images or ideas, so hopefully you can see them sort of, but they're not so big?? If they turn out big when I preview this, I will delete the images. Anyway, back to the subject, 'Our Daily Bread' seeing as I've finished this major project of the 2 books, I thought I would allow myself some time out :))) I was hoping for nice walks in the hills, but it has done nothing but rain lately, and the days have been quite grey and dreary, so I have done some baking instead! This always cheers everyone up :) I was inspired by Lucy on the 'Attic 24' blog to bake some bread, whoooweee, never really done this before (except at school) and this was no knead bread, so very easy to do! These are the stages in progress....
Mix the 4 ingredients together in a bowl, cover in cling film and place somewhere warm for  12-20hrs

after that, mix the gooey bubbly ingredients together on a floured board and form into a ball, back into the bowl for 30mins

Into a hot oven for 30mins, with a lid covering.

Then 15mins without the lid to crisp up and viola! My bread is done!

Along with some fruit scones

Which all went down very nicely for lunch today :))

I have also had something of a tidy up in my workroom, things had got quite messy in there this past few months, and I just had to ignore it while I worked away at the books, trying to finish one artwork per day.
In the process of tidying

My neat and tidy desk, and a clean drawing board!
My desk is now organised, I still need to tidy all my books etc, but they are back up on the bookshelf and not on the floor as they were. I am ready to go now on some new ideas I have buzzing around in my head. I've made me a list of new project ideas to work on, in the hope that someone likes them....and then I will go on earning my 'Daily Bread' which is most important... as some folks around here are always hungry.....
Always enjoys his 'Daily Bread' :)  X


  1. I Looooove your header picture with the deer! ~ the little ones look good too, as far as I can tell! :)))) (I totally understand keeping them tiny for security purposes...)
    So funny you decided to bake bread! I have had the urge to make some the last few weeks (I'm not a baker, I don't even play one on t.v. ~ ha ha ) ~ Must be a winter thing, that hides down deep inside us artsy types? :)))) Sorry I missed lunch, it all looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the art table, I love to see all the tools of the trade, so colorful and fascinating! ~~ Happy Tail End of January! :)))

  2. Well done Julie! that's a tough brief and you've done an excellent job! as always x

  3. Thank-you melody, that little deer has been popular :) My bread was not so great unfortunately, but the scones are fab.
    Thanks Lisa, it is a tough brief, I sit thinking and looking through reference for some time, and I'm never sure I've got it right?

  4. Your illustrations are so sweet of the little girls! Love the little butterflies too! The bread is making me drool. Glad your scones were good, those are always my favorites!

  5. Yay you for finishing the book project! I love making bread although I don't do it that often. You always feel so victorious when the dough rises.

    I cleaned my studio in January too although I quit before I was finished. :( I just needed to get back painting. I've promised myself I will clean the rest though.

    Love seeing the photo of your sweet dog. He is lovely.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, it feels like an achievement as the deadlines are quite pressing, I saw your spring clean, it was much more thorough than mine, glad you like my pooch :)

  6. Congratulations on your prayer book, it is so nice to have good feedback.
    You have picked a good time to spring clean and recharge your creative batteries.
    You asked about my printer, I have a Canon iP4950, A4 only but I can print longer but not wider if that makes sense.
    Your dog looks friendly and good company, is he your personal trainer too I wonder?

    1. Thank-you Valerie, and for the info on the printer, I shall look that one up, but I'm thinking A3 I reckon? My dog has been my personal trainer, he makes me get up and out in all weathers, but his legs are not too strong at the moment, love him to bits though.

  7. Yeah for you for finishing up and digging our of your studio. I love how you ironically chose to make bread to decompress after illustrating symbolic suggestions of it! It does me good to do something creative that is not related to drawing after a big assignment, too. Love the looks of your friendly dog and yes, he doesn't look like he'd fit on your board! Congrats!

  8. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I completely understand about having to turn work down. Sometimes people do not understand that artwork takes time, not just in the painting but the thinking and designing.


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