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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Been around....

Well folks, I've been busy gadding about recently, It's been so long since I've posted on here, sorry about that, I have somewhat neglected things on the blog. Here are some of the places I've been, you may have seen them before as they are favourite haunts!
suspension bridge near Hebden (Dales)

River twixt Hebden and Burnsall.

The little school at Burnsall, viewed through the churchyard, so cute!

Panoramic shot near Hebden
 Next few photos are around York, a place I love, so much still to discover :) The Minster is just spectacular, I had meant to try the camera on some close up shots of the gargoyles etc, but my camera battery ran out, next time I will get some.
Walking the wall that surrounds York, you get to see some very different scenes, into peoples gardens etc, quite fascinating!

York wall, can you see the schoolchildren to the left below? :)

Lovely gardens!!

Popping out of the wall, we found this by accident really, but it's quite amazing how these things still remain, just wonderful.

Now to my next location, near Harrogate, a walk around Swinsty reservoir. I don't have photos of the start of this walk, the bit where I moaned a lot, as the path was a stream or bog, I can be a pain when things are tricky! I like nice easy walks, yes we can go uphill, that's OK, but not boggy, thats yuk.
Swinsty reservoir walk.

Sun on the water.
 Best bit of the walk coming next, Tea Room at Bettys, Harlow Carr, Hooray. Nice Fat rascal for late lunch, totally yummy :)
Gorgeous Easter display window.

Yummy menu.

Burst of bright floral sunshine, had to take some home.

Latest piece of work, done in various ways, stamping, pastel, drawing, painting and finally photoshop! Yea.
Hope you like my little rambles? In between I have been busy working. The major book project keeps coming back, but I don't think I can do it? It's been difficult to say no.
See you all again before too long :) I do keep following you peeps out there.


  1. what wonderful walks you have!! so happy to tag along through your photos.
    Looks like it's getting warm where you are.
    Are those...primulas?

  2. I loved the tour! (and I didn't even get wet feet from here!) I am sorry I missed out on tea in the end though.. :))))
    Wow, you know how to photo shop things? That's fun! ~ love the little deer up top too! :))))) Glad to see you back about in BlogLand! :))))

  3. Thanks Barbara, I meant to mention about the snow all you folks have been having, which sounds quite amazing really, we have had an easy winter so far, although someone mentioned snow for April??? aaaggghhh
    Hi Melody, you wouldn't have liked the wet feet, husband was up to his ankles in mud :))) my boots are better than his, Ha!! You would have enjoyed the tea, it's lovely there :) Hope to see some photos of yours soon. :)

  4. Spring time in the UK! Love your phto tour. What the heck is a "rascal"- sweet or savory?
    Book projects- double edge swords for sure. They are so satisfying when complete, but they take such time and commitment, and at least US rates, not huge fees offered up in return. Truely a labor of love.

  5. I agree about the books Claudia, it is amazing to get the finished book through, but very time consuming whilst doing them! We have had a fair bit of sunshine, bees and butterflies been about :) Fat rascals are sweet, they are quite like huge scones, but with more spices and fruit and nuts, totally YUMMY!! I shall take a photo of my next one just for you, although I'm surprised you haven't had one? A Betty's gem.

  6. It was lovely to visit York and Harrogate on your walks. I have never been to Hebden bridge, will shortly. Last year at the similar time to this I went to a wedding at York. It had snowed, so we are certainly enjoying a better spring. Chocolate heaven, at Bettys,


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