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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lovely book look

My Birthday gift.

I had a lovely book bought for my birthday recently, by my equally lovely  friend 'D'.
So I wanted to post some photos of it, as it is quite delightful.

The tale is based on Red Riding hood, and I can remember looking at the blog of Jackie Morris ages ago, when this book was still in progress. I love the work of Catherine Hyde, and she has made such a  wonderful job of creating the magic of this tale, which is always a popular subject with illustrators, even though the subject is quite dark and sinister, or probably because it is just that.
I will let you browse some of the pages, the use of the light and dark is brilliant.

What an image, quite scary?

My favourite pages, oh how delightful!!

 I also managed to get back to York and armed with the camera, got round to taking those close up shots of around the doorway of York Minster, after a quick walk on the wall again :)

Such a magnificent doorway.

just a tiny snippet of detail

This one made me smile.

More of the detail.
I am sure there is some dark story behind all these carvings, I shall have to investigate?
A lovely book in the centre there, it reminds me of Sandra Van Doorne?

Those cheeky little rascals in Bettys window, I could have bought the lot!!

This one made it home, and went down, down the little red lane, you won't see that fat rascal again!
Hope you enjoyed my update. I've been busy working, but not much artworking, I may get some time soon to do much more. Bye for now folks.


  1. Such a lovely lovely book! Happy belated birthday Julie! It's so nice to pop over here and see your world..looking forward to keeping up. Thank you so much for your kind words at my blog..the MATS class has been terrifying, but absolutely wonderful, so your words of encouragement mean so much!

  2. Another lovely trip to York, it is a favourite place, so many beautiful buildings and things to discover. We enjoyed going inside York Minster last year, enjoyed it all again. Your doorway photograph is stunning. Must look out for the book and have a look at all the paintings. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Thanks also for the Hebden details, have been looking it up, now more knowledgeable about both places.

  3. Thank-you Shirley, I know some people who have done the MATS class, it is hard work, but very inspiring, my friend Rachael Taylor is represented by Lilla Rogers, I think you will do brilliantly.
    Thank-you Eileen, glad you enjoyed the trip and the book, I always enjoy your blog :)

  4. beautiful York Minster arch
    would love to know who did the carvings

    and Happy Belated Birthday

  5. Love looking at lovely illustrations in children's picture books! Also love your pix of the beautiful old building. The carvings are amazing! I would love to visit Great Britain but I probably never will... also would love to have a "teacup pig" but probably never will...

  6. Happy belated birthday greetings. I share your love of York and the work of both Jackie Morris and Catherine Hyde. You have made me want to visit again.

  7. What a nice book Julie! Simply love your new spring header! Thanks so much for stopping by to say Hello!

  8. I am so behind in my blog visiting! My apologies! Your tulip painting is so cheerful and lovely. That looks like a beautiful book. I love children's literature. That scone looks delicious and I enjoy its name. :)


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