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Friday, 22 August 2014

Off the blogosphere......

Well, I just knew this would happen. I disappeared off the radar for a while.
I've been quite busy lately, but not so busy as I couldn't come visit you folks out there, you are all much better than the tv of late for sure (especially the news).
Work is keeping me splendidly busy, my new job is lovely, I'm painting, pastelling, printing, collaging etc etc, it's just great fun! Then in my spare time I'm working as well? It's gotten quite busy all round, so I missed relaxing in all the heat, we've had a good summer so far.
I have managed some days off, as the photos show. I can't put any of my artwork up as yet, but there will be some soon. So here are a few photos of things I've been up to....
Ice cream eating at Monsal head, (Peak District) Banana and toffee, yumminess

In the garden, there have been quite a few new arrivals.

Lots of raspberry picking and eating, a good crop this year.

A little adventure in a Motorhome we hired, out in the Dales.

Walking on a very hot day, towards Linton.

Beautiful homes in Appletreewick (Apptrick)

Llamas in the garden? (like you do?) Husband thought they were stuffed, but no, they are alive.

Walking through fields of ??? corn? reminds me of where I grew up, we lived at the edge of a cornfield

So, is this Barley?? I puzzle over such things?

West Tanfield, the Marmion tower.

Bunting still out for the July 'Tour de France' event.

More ice cream eating at the Brymor Ice cream parlour

peeping in at the babies in the cow shed, at the ice cream parlour.

knaresborough on another sunny day, we've had lots through July :)

Staying overnight with the dog!! A lovely hotel, which was very welcoming, Forest of Bowland.

Lots of butterflies in the hotel grounds around the newly planted buddleias.
 So I've been out and about this summer, but working hard in-between these days out. We can't manage a long stay away, because the dog is quite old now (14 and I/2) and I won't leave him anywhere like kennels or back at the farm we got him from, they used to look after him at holiday time. His back legs are quite wobbly and he falls down, but doesn't seem to feel a thing?! This stay away with him is something new, and he did well, he particularly liked the goody bag and was not too phased by it all, so we may go again? :)

 See you all soon, these last photos bring me up to date with my activities, hope you've all been enjoying summer fun, it was so warm in July in the UK, but it's turned quite Autumnal recently, I'm hoping for an Indian Summer now.
I managed a quiet few moments in the bird hide in the hotel grounds and captured this nuthatch.


  1. Nice to see you again Julie, such lovely places you have visited too. The forest of Bowland is an old favourite. I am sure your dog brought you extra joy, long may it continue. Good news about the workload too, busy is always good! x

  2. Oh GORGEOUS pictures!! I do LOVE to see your scenery!! So nice your elderly doggie got to go along too! ~ He says he wants to go with you again, next time you go!! What a great Barn/garden/llama resting spot! ~ and pretty flowers, and yummy looking ice cream!! So good to see you again, and catch up! :)))))

  3. Julie--It looks like you've had a lovely summer! Oh my, those raspberries are gargantuan! They must have been delicious. That's so nice that your dog was able to accompany you on your trip.

  4. I'm also just back from a blog vacation so happy to see your new post! You have been having a lovely time I see! What a gorgeous place you live in! Those raspberries look divine! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Diane

  5. wonderful to catch up with you again.
    those are awfully huge raspberries! look delicious too.
    So glad to hear that you are enjoying the new job: who wouldn't, with so much play time. Sounds perfect.
    Glad you got to travel with your dog. It's hard leaving them behind and I know it's hard on them to be left behind. Much better to bring them, include them, I think. Mine are getting up there in age too but they love going on trips.

  6. Reading this a few weeks past the post- lots of visitors in and out this month and little time to do the usual inspiring things, like read great blogs!. My own blog is quite neglected too. Look forward to your next art share! PS- Walking on Stepping Stones in streams always gives me a strange little vertigo attack! I think it's the water moving around me feet!

  7. Looks like you had a great holiday and visited gorgeous places . Lovely raspberries. A little dream of mine to do the motor home tour someday.
    Thank you for small copper butterfly name,, yet it did not seem so small to me as a butterfly size . Wow seeing the purple hairstreak must have been good.
    It certainly has been a great summer, lots of butterflies about, wonderful flowers and berries everywhere.
    You sound very happy at your projects.


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