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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Runswick Bay Illustration

A while since I posted an Illustration, so hope you like this one I did some time ago. I was reminded of it whilst looking at Lisa Stubbs blog,' lilsonnysky' she has some lovely photos on there of the little house in my painting. it is a very popular subject, and fortunately, Runswick Bay remains quite secluded and tucked away on the Yorkshire coast. It does have that 'times gone by' feel to it, like childhood memories.The light wasn't too good today on my photo, sorry. I had a print done of this painting and it hangs on the dining room wall. The colours are a little stronger on it.

Hope you like my painting!

1 comment:

  1. Oh this is just so lovely; I like it very much.
    I adore places that retain the "times gone by" feel... It looks like a place i'd like to visit in person... *sigh* :) Thanks for sharing it!
    I hope this comment "sticks" here ~ I can't comment on my own blog, it refuses to take it and keeps calling me anonymous! Have a happy day! :)))))


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