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Monday, 9 May 2011

Screenprint update

I went to do the screenprint course I mentioned previously. My head was in a bit of a fog, trying to deal with things, and I wasn't quite as prepared as I would have liked to have been, but I went (nearly turned back home) and I am glad that I did. The lovely Clare Caulfield who took the course, was so calm and collected, I felt sort of transported to another world? A bit surreal really. I'm going to hopefully show the progression of the course through my photos. I wasn't sure about all the process, but I knew we needed black drawings, or photos etc, to use for the screen, so I sketched something first, then I did seperate blacks for each colour I was hoping to do. These were just photocopied and then transferred to a screen using a photographic method, that involved coating a screen in UV sensitive liquid and exposing to UV light. The black parts then wash out of the screen, leaving these as open areas to screenprint through. It was a fairly simple process, but you did need the darkroom etc, so not so easy to do at home. I did 2 prints altogether, each had 3 colours, which was a bit ambitious, given the state of my head (not quite with it). I went a bit mad printing, it was so nice seeing the ink appear as you printed, I did too many really. I am pleased with my first attempts. I would like to do some more. which will probably mean me joining the lovely 'West Yorkshire Print Workshop' at some point. I have been meaning to do this anyway. But it may be later in the year, I hope you like the photos, and you can see what is happening, and the end results! Not quite Angie Lewin, but we all have to start somewhere???

The first print is of Hogweed or Cow Parsley, I think that's what you call it? The second is a Dandelion clock and forget me nots, I ran out of time on this one. Overall it was an excellent course. Clare was cool calm and collected throughout and made you feel like anything was possible.Probably because she was working away amongst us, cleaning and tidying up, as we made a real mess at times!. I hope you like what I achieved, bearing in mind I was in a bit of a daze! Clare has work in various galleries I'm not sure about a website for her, but she may have, Her work is really lovely.
Bye for now. X


  1. Your prints look great! and wow two three colour prints for your first attempt is amazing! Claire taught me how to screen print two years ago and I've been going ever since, you shouldn't put it off just join and continue your screen printing journey!:) Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and hope to bump into you at WYPW:)

  2. Oh thanks Lisa. I think I was pushing it with 3 colours? But it was a great course. I really enjoy your blog, it's a daily read for me. You seem to be doing more great stuff all the time. I'm loving all this blogging too. so nice to speak to like minded folk! I shall have to see about joining the print workshop, I do like it there. :)


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