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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Floral colour

 Hello there blog friends. I've been absent a while, still lots to do, and catching up with some gardening too! The artworks above are some I've recently worked on. I keep reading all your lovely blogs and this week have noticed a Flickr photo posting feast going on with a colour theme. I thought I would add my personal little version so far. My photos are nowhere near as good as ones I've seen, but I felt like joining in! So here are one or two snapshots from my garden on the colour theme, starting with green, then yellow (which I didn't think I had anything of until I looked out this morning and bang, the St Johns wort is there) and today pink, which there are various shades of in the garden right now. I will be back soon, probably with more colours and some arty pics, see you soon :)

The bees love these, but have trouble keeping on the stamens.

Bits of pink, I love this Erigeron Profusion

Found a home in my garden, another favourite of the bees!


  1. lupins and foxglove have been favourites of mine.
    Do you have any Hollyhocks?

  2. Lovely garden photos, Julie! Looks like you get lots of lovely sun. Ours is becoming more and more of a shade garden with time (just to keep me on my toes I guess).

  3. Hello Barbara, thanks for calling in, I love the lupins, this is the only one to survive this year, I had about 6, I think they like plenty of rain, had Hollyhocks too and hoped they would be back again, but not, sadly because they were wonderful last year :(
    We have had so much rain Kathleen, I think that's why things have grown up so well, wettest April and I think June on record over here! Sunshine and showers right now :)

  4. Love the new art, and the garden photos are a delight too!
    I've got a Hollyhock I'm hoping will bloom soon...they usually get "rust" and eaten to bits by every bug in the garden, but I really cheering hard for this one! Fingers Crossed!
    Happy Art and Gardening! :))))))

  5. Thanks Mel, I think mine had that rust last year, but they bloomed so well, they were huge! All disappeared now? :( Hope yours does you proud!

  6. I think they are bienniel (however you spell it)... just the green one year, bloom the next and then are seen no more....Unless some seeds sprout?... I've got my finger on the camera over here... just waiting. :)))))


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