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Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm in Tesco!!!!!

 Hello there Blog friends! Just a quick little update of some work done previously. I had an email from the lovely people who created some gift wrap and bags from some floral work I did last year, to say that it is in Tesco now, whooppeeee!
I called in and sure enough, there I am on the shelves!! I love how this looks even if I say so myself, it's bright and cheery and pretty all at the same time! I stood there in the store and felt quite proud, I didn't tell the cashier when I bought these bits this time, but I was excited. I am daft sometimes!! But it's always a thrill to see my work in a shop, and they did such a lovely job combining my artwork with spots and stripes.
 I have also had work in the 'Next' stores, this was a while back now, but I still like the images. I was thrilled when they created a gift wrap from the same images! These are in my portfolio now, but it's ages since I did them.

Finally a design also in 'Next' for wedding. This was also done some time back, I had a phase of creating these black line images, using a cut off straw and black ink! Hope you like my shopping trip? See you again soon :)


  1. Lovely summery gift wrapping and I think your watercolor and ink illustrations are wonderful.

  2. These look fantastic, and I understand that thrill of seeing your work on the shelves! I still feel very proud! and so should you! fab:) thanks for your kind words about the exhibition, I still haven't seen it yet it's next on my to do! xx

  3. Congratulations! ALL the products look great! I love the art against the spots/stripes! I bet is amazing to see "yourself" in a store! Yeah!!
    You draw with a cut straw and ink? Huh? ???

  4. Thanks folks for your lovely comments. I do feel thrilled seeing work in a store, it sort of confirms that you did well, and people like what you did! A big confidence boost really.

  5. Bravo! Your beautiful creations deserve to be seen nationally.

    Also loved your jubilee musings- I put up some union jack bunting just to be there in spirit!

  6. Fabulous. What an accolade to have folk not only buy your work but by to distribute it.


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