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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Crafty update

I just had to further pursue the Robin Christmas card I had stamped earlier. So late yesterday afternoon,(after doing some sketching for work) I mixed some lovely blue colours which I thought would come close to the colours on the book cover that had inspired me. It was a bit tricky working in the artificial light,(the clocks have gone back and it's dark at 5 o'clock,) as I wanted to blend the colours together, wet in wet, from light to dark. Natural light would have been better because I ended up trying to hold the card up to the strip light to see how the water was drying on the surface and judging the right time to put the paint down so that it would spread nicely, but not be a washout! The first blue went on really well, the other two I ended up blobbing them on, rather than trying to wash them in, as it continued spreading quite a bit. But I was happy with how they looked. Finally I added some salt, to create a snowy, frosty fuzz,( too much on the first one) which worked quite well too?
 Looking at them afterwards, I am very pleased with the colours, they are quite close to the book, do you think? But, I may need to move the stamped robin down within the card shape, to give me more room for the next stage of stamped, chalky snowflakes.Hope you like them so far, these are just testers really.  I'm looking forward to the next stage, will keep you posted.


  1. They do look beautiful, Julie. Isn’t it wonderful when you try something new and it just works out?
    xo sandra

  2. Thank-you Sandra. I was amazed at the stamping, it was good fun. I can't seem to access your blog anymore, i was intrigued to see it, but it's blocked? Something about registerng after 2007?? Hope we get you back soon!

  3. The background color is a great match to the book, I love that color sky!
    The salty snow is very effective!
    Oh, and I must tell you, I've made my first attempt at pastel ~ I will post it soon! (had trouble getting a decent picture...not enough daylight around as you mention!!) :))))


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