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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Stamping fun and Inspiration

Hi folks, I managed to put the finishing touches to my Christmas cards yesterday, stamping the snowflakes on,it was fun. The chalk effect inks worked well I thought, I just need a bit more dark area to put the snowflakes on, so I will keep this in mind when I make some more. I also used a stencil and my finger to get some different snowflake shapes in there. The metallic inks I had didn't work so well on the dark colour, but they may work on other ideas. Hope you like them? I shall be sending some out for Christmas, If I have some nice comments, I will send one or two out to my lovely bloggy friends :) Not sure how these give away things work, but I'll try my best!

I wanted to include some inspiration I have had for a few years now, a magazine excerpt I saved, showing the work of a talented artist called, Cath Read, she has her own website if you'd like to see more. These are worked in Pastel on a dark background, she really makes the light and bright colours work so well against the dark, and I think they shine so lovely. I am going to have to have a go at something like this with pastels, I shall try and study what she does, and find a subject to suit that I would like to do. Something floral I think?  Hope you like these too (Melody).
Bye for now. Jules X


  1. Something floral sounds lovely - I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Cath Read's art is lovely! ~ It's hard to believe that it started as dark background?? I like the one with the tree planters best! I will be waiting to see your design! :)
    I LOVE the Christmas card results ~ the stamped snow flakes are just right! :) (and no two cards alike right? ha ha ~ snowflake humor... :))
    I make my own Christmas cards too, (though i never divulge the design before "card season"... you are very generous that way!)
    I too was thinking it would be fun to include a couple of bloggy friends on this years list??
    Also, i checked out the pet photo site, great pictures in the gallery! I'll try to work out how to sign on/up when I get home tonight...
    I can't believe how much I miss out here in blog land when I'm not on the computer for a couple of days!!! I really need to get a laptop with one of those card thingies for a any where connection! :))))

  3. Thanks for your comments.I think that the base to those Cath Read artworks is dark? you can see it more clearly on my large photocopy! I maybe shouldn't have divulged my Christmas cards ? Thinking about it? I was just excited to be stamping! :)) Hope you manage to send one of your lovely images Melody, that pooch is so lovely! If anyone leaves me their address on my email, I will send a card on! Cheers. X Jules

  4. Nothing wrong with letting us peek into the Christmas card factory ~ I have been enjoying the progress, right from the start with your excellent stamp carving! Don't change a thing! :)))))) I'll see you in your inbox for some address swapping! :))


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