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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sweet Honeysuckle. Update!

At last I got round to finishing the honeysuckle I started earlier in October? I am quite pleased with it, I maybe should have put more green leaves in?? But overall it looks how I wanted, with some swooshy bits around the little stamens. I sometimes think I would enjoy doing Botanical Illustration? Possibly a course in it, I always love those sort of floral images. Sorry the light wasn't too good when I took the photo, it was a better day actually, but direct sunlight was too glaring! Hope you like them? I am feeling the need to paint birds, I have been taken with the blog 'the tiny aviary' and Dianas beautiful work on there!! but I have other things on right now. I need to push myself and do it!!!!


  1. Your work is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  2. Thank-you for your lovely comments folks, always encouraging! I love to get them, as sometimes it feels like you're talking to Mr nobody? :)

  3. Hey there!!! Your honeysuckle turned out just lovely! I like the frothy/swooshy bits, nicely done! Maybe you can perch a little bird on it, to satisfy your urge to make birds??? :))))
    I can't wait to see what's next!!
    Sincerely, Mrs. Nobody, East Coast USA ! :)))))

  4. Ha Ha, you always make me laugh! Thank-you!Mrs Nobody. :)))


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