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Friday, 11 November 2011

Window Shopping

Hello blogland. It has been a very dull and grey week here weather wise, it's made it quite tricky seeing artwork in the poor light (I have just got some new specs too). I have been working on some 'speculative' pieces this past week or so, for my agent ' Advocate' they gave me some ideas to work on, one of which was a shop window, so I took some nice photos on our trip away recently, and put these to good use on the artwork. I often take photos of anything I think may come in useful, it's just finding them again when I need them that can be tricky!! I used the above to create my new artwork. Hope you like them!
I'm back on to the 'Honeysuckle' now, so will post an update soon.
 Bye for now.


  1. They are AMAZING! It makes me want to go inside and have a look around the store... I think I'll share my loaf of fresh bread with the geese too! I love the softness to them and the cozy colors! Just lovely! Where is the "real" shop located? It's too bad blogger doesn't make pictures very big when you click on them now, I can't peer in the windows as well as i'd like to! :))

  2. The real shop is in Alnwick, Northumberland, where we went recently. The blog is stopping me enlarging things too, although I'm not sure it does it on the old comp? Those poor geese are getting tooooo fat????? :)


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