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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hole of Horcum

 Hi there Blog friends, I've been missing from the posts for a little while. I've actually been working away in a studio, with some lovely talented people. It's been good fun, so nice to be part of such creativity. So I don't have any artwork to show, just me in my mad green hat on a recent walk to the 'Hole of Horcum' a North York moors walk, up near Pickering, North Yorshire.
 We parked at Levisham, above (that's the pub at the end there) and walked out across the moors to reach, what is called the 'Hole'
 Levisham is a pretty little village, just one main street really.(above)
 This was the view from the moors, looking down the 'hole'
It was quite a trek, right the way back as far as you can see in the photo above, then round back up into Levisham. We had very mixed weather, horizontal hail to start with, but it stayed dry, but rather cold for the most part. April was the wettest on record for us, so it was quite a miserable month, but the rain was needed, and everything is very green all around now. I was so busy in April, it's just whizzed by, I'm hoping we get to see some sun in May?
See you again soon!


  1. Lovely little village and beautiful rugged landscape. Let's hope for sun for us all in May. :)

  2. Looks wonderful! will have to do that trek for training! love your green hat! I miss working in a studio being freelance can be so solitary sometimes! fab x

  3. I rather like your hat! Beautiful walking places you have over there! :))))) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Julie :)
    it’s been a while since i dropped by!! looks liek a lovely place to visit to get some fresh air:)
    and oh your hat is just a bit fab!

  5. Thank-you everyone for your lovely comments on my hat, I get some strange looks sometimes. :) I am around commenting on blogs, just not writing so much myself! see you all soon.

  6. Rain=Green=Beauty! Can't wait to see how this trip inspires you. Plus you must have had to channel your inner mountain goat to hike those hills!


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