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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

to follow on.......

From my last post, I am following on with the lily of the valley, which are opening their little bells nicely now. They reminded me of some artwork I did last year. This lovely flower is used for both weddings and funerals, so I tried to paint for both subjects, but alas they have not sold as yet.
little bee

baby blue tit

I would like to thank all you fellow bloggers for your kind weather wishes!! It has dramatically changed here, it now feels like summer and the bees and butterflies and baby birds are out in abundance. I was so lucky with the photos of that little baby bird above, I could hear all this tweeting commotion in the bushes,whilst out walking the dog yesterday morning. I think they had just fledged and the parent birds were calling loudly to this little one. He was a bit wobbly on his perch and eyed me nervously, but didn't move. I backed away steadily, so he could carry on practicising flying etc, he was cute!
Hawthorn hedge
 As I mentioned previously, the Hawthorn is so full of blossom this year. This hedge I pass on my morning walk, I have never seen it quite as heavily laden as this I'm sure. There will be a bumper crop of berries in the Autumn, it must have been all the rain we have had? There are 2 nests at the corner where my dog is, I saw them earlier, being built, and could hear loud calls as I approached.
full of blossom

I hope the lovely weather is continuing wherever you are in the world... we have a trip to the coast to stay with my Mother in Law in her caravan this weekend, and tea out in Helmsley again I hope! I may take the camera with see you again soon. Thank-you for leaving your comments they are much appreciated. :)


  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your visit earlier. You have a lovely blog too! I love your lily of the valley images, they're such pretty flowers. And your baby blue tit is so cute, lucky to get pictures, they're so fast and furious - sweet!

  2. I love your lily of the valley paintings. I particularly like the one on the left. Looks like things are really coming alive with the new warmth in your parts. Hurray!

  3. The recent sun has sent nature into over-drive in the woodland although the bluebells suffered in the cold spell and are not quite as thick as in years past.

    I can almost smell that lily of the valley. It is a shame when things don't immediately sell but I suppose that means most of your other work does which is not bad.

  4. Wow, what pretty little flowers in a hawthorn hedge.... not sure i've seen those here??
    I'm glad spring finally found you!
    I love your lily of the valley art, one of my spring flowers (and scents)!
    Enjoy your caravaning, and have a cup of tea for me!! :)))))

  5. Julie! your artwork is so beautiful! gosh, i wish i could paint flowers that way, you are just so talented.


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